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Circle Lens Review: Pinky Paradise | GEO Super Size Nudy Green

Hi everyone! Today's review covers everyone's favorite topic: circle lenses! The lenses we are going to talk about today come from the amazing Pinky Paradise. When I first started shopping for circle lenses back in the day, I stumbled upon Pinky Paradise. My first pair of circle lenses ever were purchased from them! I got GEO Mimi Cafe Macchiato Brown. This is what they looked like:

I found Pinky Paradise because of their soaring popularity and online presence. I sent a question out to my fans and asked where to find the best circle lenses. Their response? Pinky Paradise

After I got my first pair of circles from Pinky Paradise, I was hooked!
Now, after all this time, I find myself collaborating with them on a review! Imagine how stoked I am!!!

I am always on the hunt for my number one circle lens staple: green lenses that blend fairly naturally with my green eyes but also have a huge enlarging effect. You usually get one or the other. I wanted the enlarging effect of the Dolly Plus series but with the naturalness of the Super Pinky series. After digging through Pinky Paradise's HUGE selection, I finally found my dream pair.

Geo Super Size Nudy Green!! ♡♡ So lovely!

One thing that I think is really cool about Pinky Paradise's website is that they have "Real Life Photos" for each lens. If you scroll to the bottom of the description, they have linked photos of real customers who have shared photos of their lenses on Pinky Paradise's Facebook page. They have even marked the ones that are on light colored eyes to make it easy for people like me to find photos of what they look like on people with similar eye colors. I love this feature! These customer photos played a big role in selecting the pair that I wanted!!

So, mail day finally comes! I am so excited, I can barely wait to rip this package open! The shipment from Pinky Paradise (based in Malaysia) to me (USA) took exactly three weeks.

The contents of the package! Ta da! The lenses were wrapped up tightly in squishy foam packaging so that the glass would not break in transport. Also included was a super cute animal case and two velcro hair strips.

Open up!

How cute is this case!! :D :D It's a bear, I think! Hehe!
Sometimes people ask how I keep my contacts straight. It's true- I do have multiples of this cute blue case. So, I will share my labeling system with you. I am a total freak about organization and I have my lenses separated by color and they are each labeled like this:

On the left side, I have the sponsor (so I can always remember who to credit in photos!) (PP = Pinky Paradise) and brand of lenses (Geo). To the left, I have the style (Super Size Nudy) and color (Green). Easy! :)

Oh yeah! Can't wait to wear these babies!

Another thing people ask about a lot is how to open the glass vials. To people who have never had circle lenses, you are probably thinking... really? How hard can it be??? Try YouTubing "how to open circle lenses" and see how many tutorials there are. Hehehe. There are lots of different tips and tricks out there, but here is how I do it:

First, you find the arrow under the cap. Then you push really hard upward (sometimes I use a towel between my finger and the lid if it is particularly stubborn). Then you peel the top back, careful not to rip it off without giving you any leverage to rip into the metal ring. If that happens, it is WAY more difficult to open. Once you pull it back and can get to the metal ring, just use your fingers or a towel to push the metal ring off. Be careful though... it can be VERY sharp! Then you just uncap it and celebrate.

Remember to wait 6-8 hours before wearing them!

Let's see how they look!!

I LOVE THEM. Oh. My. God. They are PERFECT!

I am so excited. I can't even....

Yes!!! Yes yes yes yes. Exactly. So much yes.

So let's do a breakdown for these perfect lenses.

Overall Rating
Design~ 5/5
I love this design. It is a perfect blend of dolly and natural on my green eyes.

Color~ 4/5
These lenses are a deep green. They are darker than they appear in the stock image. I think they are a truly beautiful forest green color. I love the color on my naturally light green eyes, but I am not sure how well the color would show up on dark eyes.

Enlargement~ 5/5
Yes!! Huge! Thanks dark outer ring and 14.8mm!

Comfort~ 5/5
These are amazing. So comfortable. Since receiving these lenses, I have picked these lenses every time I know I need to wear circle lenses for a longer period of time (ex. conventions or long photoshoot days). They don't dry my eyes out and don't obstruct my sight at all.

 Naturalness~ 3/5
Blend well with my green eyes, but are unnaturally huge and I don't know how they would blend with other colored eyes. I think everyone should get these lenses in their own eye color because the effect is just soooo awesome. ♡♡☺

What do you think of Pinky Paradise's Geo Super Size Nudy lenses in Green? Do you love them as much as I do?? I think it's pretty clear that I'm obsessed.

Also, I told Pinky Paradise that I would review everything they included in their package, which leads me to this:

Hahaha. Okay. To be completely honest, I have no idea what this is. The package is entirely in Japanese, so I tried googling the brand... and then searching Pinky Paradise's site.... and I still don't really know what it is or what it's called. They don't seem to sell it. Maybe it's just an accessory they threw in because I'm sweet. ☺ Based on the photos, I think they are pads to hold your hair back. Hehehe....

So I tested them out. And they work!

Awww, sad puppy can't put her makeup on because her hair is wild. Ah! But look! Now she has some pink velcro pads for her hair and she can put on her makeup with ease!

UPDATE: After talking with Pinky Paradise, I confirmed that this is indeed hair velcro AND you can get your own hair velcro, which is great for holding your hair back while putting your new lenses in, by using coupon code "alexapoletti" which will get you a FREE cute animal case AND a free mystery gift (maybe hair velcro??)

Anyway, that's my review of Pinky Paradise - Largest Circle Lens Store. I hope you enjoy!~ Have fun browsing the hundreds of lenses they have to offer!!!

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