Monday, November 10, 2014

Monthly Favorites: OCTOBER 2014

HI guys! SO sorry this video is being posted a week into November! XD Bad start to the series, eh? I filmed this video on Halloween and then left town for a bit, but better late than never! 

Because so many of you lovely people ask me about my favorite products, I've decided to start a monthly series on my channel of my favorite products of the month! This will include my favorite wig, contacts, accessories, clothing items, YouTuber, and whatever else I feel like including that month!  OuO hehehe I love to talk about small businesses so if you want to see me babble on about cute shops and products, this video is for you! Breakdown and links below~~


0:40 - 1:28
Gothic Lolita Wigs Duplicity in Gleeful Grape

1:28 - 3:18
Skater Dresses:

3:19 - 5:41
Cutie Pie Kawaii 
Amuse Good Night AlPacasso Jumbo:
Amuse Poteusa/Loppy:
Amuse Rosy Wooly:

5:41 - 7:21 
Kawaii Blaby
My Neighbor Totoro Inspired Makeup Tutorial:
Fire and the Romance - "She's a Devil" (Official Video) ft. Alexa Poletti:

7:21 - 8:09
Plus White 5 Minute Premier Whitening System
Kandee Johnson's Channel:
How to Get Really White Teeth for Cheap Video:

8:09 - 8:46
CONTACTS: i.Fairy Casper Violet
My Blog Review:

8:46 - 9:18

9:18 - Special favorite :')


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