Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sailor Mars Daily Style Post ~ In the Name of the Moon Part 4

Ugghhhu! It's been weirdly cold over here in North Carolina the last two weeks. We are getting lots of snow which is pretty unheard of in these parts. The schools have been closed for almost two whole weeks! I'm starting to go a little loopy being stuck inside. I am dreaming of warmer weather so I can wear dresses and cute things again. I have very limited cute winter clothes because it doesn't get very cold here usually. I miss being cuuuute. *sobbing*

 But just because I can't go outside in dresses doesn't mean I can't play dress up inside! Here is the next installment of my In the Name of the Moon series with Living Dead Clothing's Sailor Scout skater dresses! Today's look is SAILOR MARS! Channeling Rei's fire powers to melt all this snow and get NC warm and toasty again!! huhuhu


Daily Style Link List:

Wig: Gothic Lolita Wigs Bella Collection in Black

Hair Bow: abowtiqueshop Mars Hair Bow

Lashes: Dolluxe All Dolled Up x Underlash B

Contacts: LensVillage i.Fairy Casper Violet Lenses

Necklace: StarlightDecoDream Sailor Mars Planetary Symbol Acrylic Necklace

Dress: Living Dead Clothing Sailor Mars Skater

Shoes: unknown? Target?

Stay warm!! xo

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