Friday, January 6, 2017

Eyescream Daily Style Post

Hi everyone and Happy New Year

Wowww, it's been a while since I've seen this blog! :x I'm so sorry! But what better time to make a Daily Style Post/OOTD comeback than the start of a new year? 2017 is going to be fulllllllll of fashion, makeup, cosplay, and fun! ;) I feel like it's going to be a great year. Let's make it wonderful together!

To bring back the #OOTD posts, I thought it would be appropriate to start with an outfit that I wore basically aaaaall of December. I even wore it in two different YouTube videos in December without realizing it!? Awks. 

I just love it!!! It was inspired by this cutie pie shop called Ruru Victoria on Storenvy. Both of the tops that Genna and I are wearing in the Try My Style video are from this cute shop. I love the design styles and the quality of the fabric is really nice. No cheap tees with faded prints there. Perfectly pastel and so super soft. Shall we get on with the links??? Yes pls!

Daily Style Link List

Hair: RockStar Wigs Hologram 12" in Yellow

Hair Clips: Target

Bows: Sanrio

Lashes: NYX Wicked Lashes in Drama Queen

Contacts: Dolly+ in Green

Glasses: Amazon

Shirt: Ruru Victora Eyescream Tee

Necklace: didepux BEST DAY EVER Laser Cut Necklace

Purse: Amazon Purple Bunny Bag

Heart Ring: Gothic Bimbo's Bubblegum Emporium Queen of Kawaii Ring

Popsicle Ring: Sienna's Confectionery Popsicle Ring

Shorts: ??? 

Socks: eBay

Shoes: Reebok Straptastik



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