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66Umbrella Spooky Handbag Review | Handmade Purse Product Review | Daily Style Post

Happy October!!
Fall is FINALLY here! Time to celebrate my favorite month and holiday with Halloween-themed reviews all month! Stay tuned for products from creepy shops, costume lenses, makeup tutorials, & more!

We are kicking off October with a little something from 66Umbrella. I mean, Brianne's store slogan is "Where every day is Halloween!"... so... like... was there even any other choice?

My path first crossed with Brianne when I was celebrating 10,000 fans on my Facebook page back in December of last year. I was hosting an alternative fashion giveaway, and Brianne (going by her artist name BloodVain at the time) was a sponsor!

Do any long-time fans remember these? 

Anyway, Brianne went on to open a handmade handbag shop called 66Umbrella, which is why we are here today. After she emailed me for review, I gave her a shop a looksie and I knew I had to have one of these bags! The bag that initially hooked me was this right here:

You can find it HERE.

I love love love the spiderweb flap and the bow. My only concern with it was that, because of the colors, I wouldn't be able to carry it as often as I would like to. Green is a difficult color to match to things. I asked if there was any chance that I could have that exact design with a more neutral base. Boy... did she deliver. NOT ONLY did she say that she was happy to make a custom bag for me, but gave me neutral-toned fabric options for the base and the bow of the bag! How amazing is that!

Once I saw the first print, I knew I had to have it. After some seriously quick shipping (2 days!), my handmade, personalized, 66Umbrella bag was in my hands.

Time to open it up!

The contents!
A cute handwritten note from Bri on some adorably creepy stationary!

Bri's business card. It has a punched-out umbrella!!

And of course, the purse! It was wrapped so neatly, it was like having a purse inside a purse! High five on the packaging, 66Umbrella

I tried not to mess up the packaging because it was so pretty, but my eagerness to get to the bag overcame me. RIP cute packaging.

But hellooooo new bag!

It is truly perfect!

I LOVE the way it came out. *cries with happiness*

Just look at the amazing spiderweb print!

Front & back with the flap open. Don't you love it?!

The top secures with a snap. :3

It's a snap! ....get it?

The straps are held on like this:

Very sturdy!

It even has a 66Umbrella label! So awesome! 

Let's check out some close-ups of this killer fabric.

Can you tell I'm obsessed?!

Want to see a quick video demo of the purse? Would you guys like to see products in live action more often?

Tell me what you think! 

I love it so much that I decided to use it to inspire today's Daily Style post! Happy October 1st!

Outfit Rundown

Lashes: Dolluxe Lashing Out Loud

Contacts: See Clear // EyeStylez Doll Eyes Black
See my review of this product here:

Sweater: ROSS

Corset: eBay (it's cheap and flimsy.. don't expect it to actually cinch or anything!)

Underbust Corset: eBay (also cheap. Connects with Velcro, which is comical for a "corset"... But great for accenting clothing. I bought it in all five colors!)

Skirt: 3 small tutus stacked on top of each other.

Tights: eBay (Not positive exactly where, but this link looks right!)

Shoes: ROSS

Purse: 66UMBRELLA!

Bracelet: Love Culture (retired style)

Necklace: eBay (Not sure exactly which shop, but you can find cool ones all over eBay!)


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