Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Crunchy Sushi Day Polymer Clay Charms and Accessories | Phone Charm and Necklace Product Review

Hey guys!! Today I have an AMAZING review for you! I am seriously so so so excited about these awesome products from Crunchy Sushi Day. When Crunchy Sushi Day originally contacted me for a review, I took a look at their shop and was instantly impressed by the craftsmanship of their clay charms. I mean... just look at how perfect these princesses are:

Like... damn! SO PERFECT. A perfect mix of chibi meets Disney.

Most of these charms come on cute chunky necklaces, but chunky necklaces aren't really my style. Actually, most Disney princesses aren't really my style either, believe it or not (although Pocahontas, Mulan, and Jasmine are my jam). But I didn't want to turn down this chance because I could see the talent in the creation of these charms. So I popped the question: Do you take custom orders?

Crunchy Sushi Day was incredibly supportive of my idea for a Harry Potter phone charm. Not to mention that LATER THAT DAY, I had a picture of the handmade charm set in my inbox. You guysssssss! IT'S SO PERFECT I COULD CRY.

Later that week, this showed up in the mail:


I opened it up to find two perfect little gems. A Harry Potter phone charm set & a bat necklace, which I will get to later. But first...!

LOOK HOW CUTE!!! HARRY & HIS BROOM! *cries uncontrollably*


He looks so perfectly cute with my Marauder's Map phone case!

Hehehe... I am SO IN LOVE.

Harry & his broom are attached to a charm peg so I can put him in my headphone jack. Great for iPhones or any other phone that doesn't have a good spot for charms!


Just look at all the detail in his hair and everything!



Get your own Harry Potter + Broom phone charm here:

& for being a cute little reader of my blog...

Use code "Harry15" for 15% off your purchase from Crunchy Sushi Day's Etsy shop!

hehehee <3

Crunchy Sushi Day also included a cute bat necklace! Look, look!

He has cute little eyes, just like Harry!! ♡

I love him! He is like a cute little mustache heheh

You can find this bat necklace here:

That's it for today! Make sure you stop back by tomorrow, hint hint! ;)

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