Friday, November 15, 2013

Gothic Lolita Wigs Sale Announcement and Contest Info!

*poke* Hey you. Yeah, you. Have you signed up for Gothic Lolita Wigs' newsletter? (Go to and the signup box is on the left panel). If you do that, you can get these sale announcements before everyone on Facebook and you don't have to come allllllll the way over to my blog to find out that.......

BOUNCY CURLS BOBS ARE ON SALE! WHEEEEE!!! *bounce bounce bounce* (these wigs are seriously the most fun things to wear while you bounce. or walk. or anything.)

Shop Bouncy Curls Bobs HERE!

AND in other news.... in case you haven't heard....

have a chance to come hang out with me & the other muses at Anime Matsuri! Check out the details of this amazing contest HERE. You should enter. I want to meet you.

See you soon?


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