Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Teo Jasmin Product Review - Cute Puppy Bags!

Hello cuties!!! Today let's take a look at a long overdue product review for the adorable company,

Teo Jasmin is a French shop that specializes in home decoration & trendy handbags! Their mascot is this cute little pup, who is featured on many of their printed bags, pillows, cushions, etc. You'll often see Teo dressed up in cute little outfits, like this hipster Teo or pirate Teo or even kawaii Teo! You know anything kawaii always has a home on this blog. \(OvO)/ Teo Jasmin carries high quality prints of other things as well, but who doesn't love a cute dog??

Many moons ago, Teo Jasmin sent me some bag samples for review. As soon as a received the samples, I unfortunately was swept away and was traveling for months and did not get to review the bags right away. BUT the good thing is that they arrived before I left town, so I was able to give them a test drive during my travels! :D What wonderful timing to receive such lovely and strong bags to take with me on the road. Needless to say, they held up great and I am very impressed with their quality.

How cute are these bags (and t-shirt)!?!?!?!

Let's start with the durable construction of these handbags & duffle bag.

This is the Cabas Te Rose Baby tote!
This design features Teo wearing a beanie and glasses with headphones around his neck. The version of the bag that I got has a light purple/lavender background, with purple/pink/blue plaid on the sides.

This design comes in the colors below:

You can see in the closeup that the printing is high quality and is not an image that is going to peel off after a little bit of wear and tear. The bags are also waterproof!!

I mean, just look at that face!!!

One of my favorite things about these totes, aside from the overall durability, is that they all have zippers! There is nothing worse than having a tote packed full of stuff and it tips over and everything spills out! The Teo Jasmin totes zip closed which is great for my clumsiness and for feeling like my stuff is more secure.

Andddd when you open it up, the inside is lined with pockets! YAY!

As an organization nut, I think pockets are just the best thing ever.

Look at me matching my bag hehehehee :D :D :D :D

Find this bag here:

Now let me show you the Cabas Teo Kawaii Corail tote!

IT'S SO CUTE! Look at Teo being kawaii hahahaha I love it.

The straps go all the way around the bag and seem to give it a lot of extra support. The straps are printed with the Teo Jasmin logo in a color that matches the print on the bag. :3

The only thing that I would change about the design of the kawaii bag is the print on the sides. It's cute, but for some reason, floral doesn't feel kawaii to me. It feels more tropical or something. I wish it was printed in clouds or fluff or spots or bubbles or something. I still find it very cute though!

Here are the other colors it comes in:

The pink is my favorite color because I love pink & it is the most kawaii!!!!
& here I am with my new bag!

Hehehehehe... I can't help being silly! 
This bag is smaller than the other totes, by the way!!

Find it here:

Now let's look the Teo Pirate duffle bag!

A duffle is a GREAT bag to have when you travel a lot. It's a small duffle, so it's good for a gym bag or for an overnight bag. It has a zipper closure and pockets on the outside that velcro closed. There are a small pockets on the inside too! 

I really like the pattern on the side of this bag! I think it suits the pirate theme! :D

Look at Teo in his pirate costume!

Hehehehehe ♡♡♡♡

If you love Teo Pirate but you don't need a duffle bag, fear not! You can also find Teo Pirate on a bunch of totes:

The Teo Pirate comes on a variety of other printed items like wallets, pillows, etc. Just check out their site to find out what else you can find it on!

Teo Pirate gives off a punky vibe. Maybe it's his spiked collar? Whatever it is, it makes me feel like a badass when I carry it. >:D

Find this bag here:

Finally, I saved my favorite bag for last! This is Cabas Mimine

Anyone who knows me at all, or even who just follows my Instagram, probably knows that I'm totally a cat person. Meow meow meowwww!~
I am drawn to this bag! What a cute little kittttyyyy ♡♡

That face! OMGGGG! That (waterproof!) face!

I really like the animal print on the side of the bag! It matches the kitty's cute little hat.  :3

Find it here:

Now... These aren't really what Teo Jasmin gave me to review, but I recently found something on their site... and I think you guys are going to FREAK.
Look, look, look!!!!!

*CRY* Those are my favorite thing on their whole site. The quality is so good on these bags and A PRINCESS COLLECTION ok let me compose myself... *deep breath*

Got my mind back on Teo! Now I'm off for the day in this cute Teo tee~

Get the tee here:

I hope you enjoyed my Teo Jasmin review and will find yourself shopping for new amazing high quality totes and home decor!

Shop Teo Jasmin here:


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