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Circle Lens Review: | Royal Vision Macaron Blue & GEO Nova Pink Contacts

Hi guys!! I am finnnaally back from another round of extensive traveling (wheww!) & I am happy to announce that I have a full month of reviews to come! I also love reading all of your comments on my newly launched YouTube channel and loveeee seeing that the demand for new videos is so high. I have a list of upcoming videos ready, and now it's just all about finding the time to make them. They take me a long time to make because I'm still learning how to do it, but I'm hoping that I will get faster and have some down time in between all this crazy unexpected traveling. But I promise there are more videos coming, so please be patient!! They will be worth the wait! :3 

Now let's get to the real reason we are here! CIRCLE LENSES.

Today, I am kicking off a month packed full of reviews with one of my favorite circle lens companies,

You may recognize their name after seeing them in two of my previous circle lens reviews (GEO Super Angel, GEO XTRA Morning Glory, GEO Berry Holic & EyeCandy's GEO Cosplay CP-A7) OR because they are an awesome company who have generously sponsored a few giveaways on my Facebook Fan Page! They are also hugely growing in popularity and I've seen them being talked about by lots of other bloggers! I am happy to see them getting good press because they are a lovely company. :3

So let's get to the review! Today we are going to be chatting about two lenses: Royal Vision Macaron Blue and GEO Nova Pink Contacts.

My package from EyeCandy's contained two pairs of adorably packaged lenses and two standard contact lens cases. 

Okay, so I am OBSESSING over the packaging of the Royal Vision Macaron lenses, so we will start with that pair. (OvO)

I am a sucker for cute packaging & I don't think I have ever come across any circle lenses that come in cuter packaging than this Royal Vision Macaron series. I love the pink and purple box and the printed macaron graphics. It's... just... so... cute!

But!!! It's not all about the packaging! Of course, it matters A LOT what these lenses actually look like. So let's take a look!

Here is the stock photo from EyeCandy's product page:

Lookin' good! So, it's time to unwrap these little beauties and see how they compare to the stock image.

Their glass vials are just as cute as the box they came in hehehehe :')

Here are the Royal Vision Macaron Blue lenses out of their glass transport vials and in their new home! As you can see, they look JUST like their stock photo! That is always a huge plus for me because sometimes stock images can be very misleading. With these, what you see is what you get. And luckily, what you see is pretty damn awesome.

I can't wait to put these lenses in! They are so pretty.. :') Remember to soak your brand new lenses in contact solution for at least six hours before putting them in your eyes.

Annnndd here they are!


It's amazing how well the inner ring of the contacts blends with my eye color.

Oooohhh I just looove having big blue eyes!!! (/OuO)/~*
You could even say they make me feel like a superhero ;P

Overall Rating
Design~ 5/5
I like this design. It is much more natural than many of the lenses that I've tried in the past. It has a nice blending effect and doesn't have a dark outer ring, so it is perfect for a natural lens.

Color~ 5/5
These lenses are bright blue! They look just like the stock photo and the color shows up really well on my light green eyes.

Enlargement~ 3/5
Being 14.5mm, I was hoping they would give a bit more enlargement. Certainly, they do enlarge to a certain extent, but I like them to be as big as possible. This is an example of how not having a dark outer ring really does effect the enlarging appearance.

Comfort~ 4/5

 Naturalness~ 5/5
These are some of the most natural lenses that I have. If they were in the same color as your natural eyes, you may not even be able to tell that you are wearing lenses at all!

Find Royal Vision Macaron Blue circle lenses here:

Now let's move on to GEO Nova Pink
I have reviewed a pair of Nova lenses before, and in my review I said that I loved the lenses but I wish that I had gotten them in a different color than my eyes because green on green made it a little hard to see the cool design of the lenses. SO, I took this EyeCandy's review opportunity to snatch up a pair of Nova lenses in Pink so I could really take a better look at GEO Nova circle lenses.

The packaging of these lenses is a bit plain. I like the little bag that they came in, but the creativity of this packaging is nothing compared to the Royal Vision Macaron series. Fortunately in this case, you don't really hang on to circle lens packaging very long once the lenses are in their contact lens cases, so it doesn't matter much that this packaging is boring.

Time to open them up and make the transfer to their storage case!!

OOoooh I can't WAIT to see what these look like on my light green eyes. It is so often the case that circle lens models have dark brown or black eyes, so you can only really see what they look like on dark eyes. With a pattern like this, of course they look freaking amazing on dark-eyed beauties.

So, for lenses with unique designs like GEO Nova Pink, it's really hard to know what they will look like on light colored eyes. That's one of the reasons that I love doing these reviews for you guys... I feel your pain, light-eyed circle lens lovers!

Who is ready to see them???? Me, me, me!


HOLY COW these are awesome!! They definitely show up better on the model's brown eyes, but I'm psyched that you can still see the design on my light eyes if you look closely. The design is so cool. I'm really happy you can see it!!! And it doesn't look too freaky either. Other than that, you know... they're pink.

Overall Rating
Design~ 5/5
I love this design!!! As I said in my review of the green Nova lenses
"How cool is the design of the Nova series?? I love that it has clear patches to let your natural color show through. It almost looks like an abstract art piece! I imagine someone taking a paintbrush and flinging it at a canvas, and they come out with something that looks like the Nova series. XD hehehehe :p"
Love love love.

Color~ 5/5
Even though these lenses are obviously made for dark eyes, they still show up really well on my light green eyes!!

Enlargement~ 5/5
Yes!! 15.0mm AND a dark outer ring. These lenses make your eyes look huge!

Comfort~ 5/5
These are wonderfully comfortable. They don't mess with your vision at all because so much of the lens design is left open.

 Naturalness~ 1/5
Well... so... these are pink circle lenses. lol. They are also an abstract design. Sorry, but there is nothing natural about these puppies.

Find GEO Nova Pink circle lenses here:


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