Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Kawaii Ice Cream Cupcake Daily Style Post

Hello you cuuute, cute, cutttteee people! I am back from Disney World & I had a blast!! If you're interested in seeing some photos from my trip, you can always check them out on my Instagram:

Anyway, on to my outfit for today! 
For quite a while now I have been eyeballing RockStar Wigs Prima Donna collection. I just want to put my hands in those poofy cloud wigs. I mean... there is so much poof! I could probably use it as a pillow XD hehehe.. SO, I wanted to get a Prima Donna and style it into a high ponytail so I could still wear it during the summer without getting too hot. This idea left me with one problem. When you style a wig into a ponytail that is not designed to be in a ponytail, they often show wefts or the edge of the cap. This is why I wanted the Prima Donna. It has SO MUCH HAIR that you can easily cover up any mishaps with more and more hair. I decided to braid two chunks at the front of the wig and wrap them around like a headband to conceal the exposed cap. I think it turned out pretty cute! *u* Paired with my Juizywoozy Kawaii Pop Culture ice cream shirt (product review coming soon!), I think it looks like icing on top of a kawaii sundae! :D 
What do you think??

Daily Style Link List:

Hair: Rockstar Wigs Prima Donna in White Cloud

Bows: Bow Kuma Pink Cake Bows
See my review of these bows here:

Lashes: Dolluxe Lashing Out Loud x Underlash B

Contacts: Pinky Paradise Princess Pinky Eclipse Blue

Earrings: unknown

Shirt: Juizywoozy

Necklace: KawaiiBlaby Pastel Heart Balloon Neckace

Skirt: eBay

Purse: TOMO
coming soon!

Ice Cream Ring: Sienna's Confectionery Popcicle Ring
See my review of this ring here:

Heart Ring: Gothic Bimbo's Bubblegum Emporium Queen of Kawaii Ring

Little Twin Stars Rings: Gothic Bimbo's Bubblegum Emporium Little Twin Stars Rings

Socks: eBay

Shoes: eBay - Reebok Straptastik