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Tasty Peach Studios Product Review: Japanese Inspired Kawaii Accessories

Hi cuties!!! Today I have a funnnnn kawaii product review from Tasty Peach! If the name Tasty Peach Studios is ringing a few bells, it may be because they have been featured on my blog before, in Tasty Peach Studios: Kawaii Charms, Buttons, and Lanyard Product Review. & now, as of today, Tasty Peach is the first shop to ever be featured twice on my blog! YAY! Congratulations, Tasty Peach, on this groundbreaking achievement heheheheh :p 

After my first rave review of their products, they gave me an opportunity to review their shop again with a different set of products. In my last review, I chatted about their phone charms, button packs, and lanyards. Today, I'll show you all the kawaii goodness of their acrylic necklaces, hair clips, and even a Tasty Peach t-shirt! Stay tuned for a special discount code, too!

My Tasty Peach review package arrived very quickly and when I opened it up, I found all of these goodies inside! The necklace was even tucked in a little jewelry box to keep it from getting messed up, which was a nice surprise! (OvO)

Cutest business cards :p

This is my first time getting a t-shirt from Tasty Peach, so it's the first time I've seen this care card. It is a cute little card reminding you to wash your tee inside out in cold water and let it air dry. This is true of most tees that have printed images on them... I almost never dry my clothes in the dryer because I don't want to shrink them or mess up the cute printed designs!

Let's start by taking a look at the hair clips! They have a huge selection of hair clips with all of their different characters on them. I chose Chirii for three reasons. He is pink. He's a bunny. He loves donuts. WHAT MORE COULD YOU EVER WANT!?

:') Chirii bunny is sooo cuteee!

"Acrylic is 100% waterproof, scratch resistant, and shatter resistant! The charms are approx. 1 inch tall. Clips are approx. 2 inches long each. All jewelry is hypoallergenic and nickel free!"

The hair clips come in a two pack for $10. My favorite thing about these clips is the quality. Most of the time when you order hair clips, they come as a charm hot glued onto a clip. Which is fine. But... it's just fine. THESE bad boys are made for action. These acrylic charms are mounted onto the clip so they will not fall off.

See that little +? That is where the acrylic charms come through so they won't pop off. I even put them through a roller coaster test during my latest vacation to Disney World.

I think it's safe to say that these clips can take whatever you have planned for them.
& I have a lot planned for them. Pink donut-eating bunnies go with every kawaii outfit ever.

Next up is the Nomwhal necklace. Nomwhal is a narwhal with sprinkle icing and a cone horn. First donut bunnies and now an ice cream narwhal? Is this blog post making you hungry yet?

*tummy grumble*

This Nomwhal charm is approx. 1.5 inches long and is thick enough to make me feel comfortable wearing it all the time without fear of it breaking.

I think Nomwhal is the perfect size for a necklace charm. Big enough to be seen, but not so big that it's overwhelming. I think he is perfect & adorable paired with this Chirii Bunny shirt! 

Speaking of the shirt, let's take a look at it!
The shirt that I picked from Tasty Peach is their SUPER CUTE Chirii Bunny Tee. They have a great selection of printed tees to choose from so this was a hard choice to make! I went with the Chirii Bunny tee because it is my favorite colors... light blue and pink! And because... DONUTS! :3

I also might be a little biased because my girl Jazzmin models it on their site.


The shirt arrived rolled up neatly in the package.

While I definitely love accessories, I LOVE LOVE LOVE clothes. Couldn't wait to open this little shirt up and check it out!

AHHHHH It's so cute!!!!! :D 

Closeups andddddd GO!

om nom nom nom nommmmm hehehehe


Heheheh I couldn't help it.... I had to see what the Tasty Peach accessories looked like on Chirii Bunny. I wonder if all kawaii bunnies wear hair clips on their ears? :p
I would. I think he looks very fancy. XD

For those wondering what size shirt to get, I ordered a size medium. You can use my photos as a reference!
The shirt is very high quality. I have worn it and washed it a bunch and it's still in top shape.


As I mentioned before, I love this wholeeee product set from this review sooo much that I wore all of these pieces to Disney World for my birthday. Think about how many clothes I have. I chose to wear THESE on my birthday. Does that tell you anything?
Now I am going to attack you with birthday Disney // Tasty Peach spam. Hold on tiiiighhhtttt!~

Who recognizes Kyandi buttons on my hat??

Perfectly kawaii outfit on my perfect birthday vacation. Thank you for keeping me cute, Tasty Peach!

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Much love and kisses to all of you kawaii cuties! xo

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