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Tasty Peach Studios: Kawaii Charms, Buttons, and Lanyard Product Review

Hi cuties!!! Today I have a very special product review & discount code for you! Tasty Peach Studios is a shop that I have admired ever since I firstttt laid eyes on them at Otakon last year! At Otakon, even though I had no money to spare, I splurged and bought two of their acrylic charms to kawaii up my phone. I told myself I wouldn't buy anything... I was just browsing... but then.... BAM! There was a Narwhal charm staring up at me. He was... just.. so... cute! And only five dollars!!... Surely, I could spare $5.00. But then... I didn't want him to be lonely, dangling by himself from my phone. None of my other charms were kawaii enough to be in his presence, so they all had to come off. You understand. So, I allowed myself one more little gift =^u^= A buddy for my new Narwhal! And what could be a happier buddy than a Rainbow Clouds Charm!

Fast forwarddddd, WeeeEooeoOEOooeoo *time travel*

The year is 2014. I email Tasty Peach begging them to love me.
& here we are.

Japanese inspired. 100% cute!

For today's product review, I have three (ish?) SUPER adorable things to talk about. If you've ever checked out Tasty Peach, you know they have tons of different ADORABLE original characters. I don't think I could ever choose a favorite. There are just so many good ones. So I decided to get three different characters for my three different goodies from Tasty Peach!

Meet Meowchi, Hanaki, and Kyandi!
They are the characters I selected for my lanyard, charm, and buttons! (/^u^)/* Happy!

Let's talk Hanaki.
I chose Hanaki because I thought he would look cute with my pre-existing Narhwal and Rainbow Cloud Charms!

HOW CUTEEEE! My favorite thing about Hanaki is his super kawaii rainbow tail! :3 That makes him automatic besties with Rainbow Cloud! Hehehe :p

These are such high quality acrylic charms! I've had acrylic charms before where the design chips off or they snap and break, but as you can tell, my Otakon charms still look just as good 6-7 months later!

Tasty Peach offers a phone charm plug that goes in your headphone jack in case your phone doesn't have a place to attach your charms! This means you can also attach it to ANYTHING that uses headphones! Yeee~ For now, these little cuties are living on my Nintendo DS. *u*

hehehe *u* It is good to have such cuties attached so they can make you happy again when your game makes you feel like this~ 


Kyandi is the cutest cotton candy colored alpaca! Kyandi maaaay be my favorite character. Wait, no. Err.. Yes... Well.. Nevermind. I still can't pick.

I decided to get Kyandi buttons because I thought he would look very, very cute on my new kawaii TOMO bag! Pink, purple, and blue are my favorite colors! They work very well with so many kawaii looks. The Kyandi buttons match the other buttons that I already have along the strap and belly of my TOMO, so I knew he would have lots of friends. ^u^

Kyandi on his belly! ^u^ Heheheheee

The buttons are made from tin with a spring loaded pin and flat backing lock to keep them attached safely to anything you want to stick them on!

Aren't they cute!!? I am going to stick them on everything, because I have SIX of them! And they are only $5.00! $5.00 to get six pieces to coord with.. You really can't beat it!

And finally, my braaaanddd new 

The Meowchi lanyard is printed with a perfectly cutteeeee pile of sleepy Meowchis and snacks!

This lanyard is so soft!!

It comes with a clasp on the end so you can attach whatever you need to. It'd be great for keys or a convention badge!

I thought it would look adorable with my cute cupcake keys *u*

And then you can attach it to your bag that is all decorated in Kyandi buttons!

And then you can put your DS in your bunny bag and you can have all three Tasty Peach goodies all together!!! Can you spot the Kyandi, Hanaki charm, and Meowchi?

They are all so cuteeee :')

my special readers can use code "Alexa001" to get 15% off from Tasty Peach! Each one of these items featured here are only $5.00 a piece and you can get 15% off of that!!! Or 15% off of anything else in the store too ^u^ But you only have a week before the code expires, so get your goodies now!

Go go go!!!
Alexa001! Now til March 4!
I want everythinggggggg on their site omg.

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