Thursday, July 3, 2014 Product Review: Cute Discount Prescription Glasses

Hi everyone!! Guess what!!? Review time! A lot of people come to me upset because they want to live the kawaii life, but they can't wear circle lenses for medical reasons, prescription issues, or because their parents simply won't let them. Cry no more, circle-lensless cutie pies! I have a solution for you!!! Prescription glasses from! :3 is a prescription glasses website with a tonnnnn of discounted cute glasses options! The site is super easy to navigate and has some amazing sorting options to help you find exactly what you're looking for in their huge eyeglasses and sunglasses selection. You can sort by things like shape, price, and my personal favorite- color!!!

I mean... just LOOK at all these options!! When picking my glasses, I had two thoughts in mind. First, I wanted to make sure that I picked some glasses that I would actually wear in day-to-day life. Second, I wanted to get something different than the glasses I already have.

My old glasses:
(glasses above not from

That picture shows my glasses prior to discovering They are cute, but since they are black rimmed glasses, they don't always go with my pastel kawaii outfits. I mean.. when you have a pastel outfit from head to toe, throwing black glasses into the mix can kind of ruin it. I don't always feel like wearing contacts, so I had this dilemma.

Then showed up and offered me the option to sort by COLOR. My first thought was.... 

First, I sorted by pink. Then by purple. Then by blue. Then by red. The first pair I landed on was Katherine- Purple & Blue Stripe, and the second pair was Sebastian- Red. I'll talk more about why I made those selections in a minute. But first, let's talk shipping!

I was sooooo extra excited about this review because it is a product that impacts my every day life. I have literally worn these glasses every day for the last month. So... you can imagine that when I received my shipping notification, I tracked that package every single day until I arrived on my doorstep. It only took a few days. Very quick! Ships from USA.

I think the packaging is cool because they glasses are packaged individually and then just (securely) taped together to form a box. Genius!

Two individual boxes!

When I get products like this, it is so hard for me not to rip into them immediately, but instead take the time to photograph each step. I was way too excited!!!

After opening each box, I found these contents inside.
Two pairs of shiiiiinyyy newwww glassssesssss ♡♡♡♡, a card explaining their referral system (earn $10!), and a coupon code for 25% off my next order.

Sorry guys, that code is mine! ^.~

 Let's start off by talking about my favorite pair.

Both pairs of glasses came with their own glasses case to protect the glasses during transport. The case is pretty basic. It's not much to look at but it gets the job done. I find it a little tricky to open sometimes but... hey, it's free.

Inside the case, the glasses came wrapped up nicely in a cleaning cloth. This kept them very clean. OuO

The cleaning cloth has the logo printed on it! Cute!

& now... drum roll please...


I freaking LOVE these glasses. I chose the Katherine Purple Blue Stripe glasses because I knew they would go with most of my kawaii outfits. Because they have purple and blue in the frames, they obviously go with all of my purple and blue outfits. On top of that, they go with most pink outfits as well. Basically, any time I'm wearing anything remotely cute (always), I am wearing these glasses.

I really like that these glasses are two-toned, but in almost a tortoise-shell kind of way. The "stripes" are hardly stripes at all, which I actually think is a good thing. If they were too stripy, they could easily distract from your outfit.

I love that the sides of the Katherine Purple Blue Stripe glasses are silver instead of black. Again, like I mentioned before, even the tiniest bit of black can throw off a pastel outfit. A lot of colored glasses have black sides, which can be cool, but is a total bummer when you are trying to find something within a light color family. The ends are capped with the same purple/blue coloring and are very comfortable to wear.

Time to see how they look!!!

omg... I am so happy. Happiest pastel princess evs. o^w^o

I know I am still wearing circle lenses here, but do you see how you can use glasses to enhance your kawaii outfits?? This is my solution for all you cute kids who can't wear contacts! Get cute colored frames!

I love them so, so much!!! :')

I even wore them at the beginning of my mermaid transformation video! Have you seen it??

I can't get over them. So cute.
Top marks from me. :3 

Find Katherine Purple Blue Stripe glasses here:


& now onto...

I chose Sebastian in red as my second pair because I wanted to get a pair completely different from the first. Because the Katherine Purple Blue Stripe glasses covered all of my purple, blue, and pink outfits, I wanted something to wear with my red outfits. And pretty much, when I am not wearing pink, purple, or blue, I am usually wearing red.

SO here we go!

Here is Sebastian in Red. Oooooooh. :D 

I only have one suuuuper minor complaint about these glasses so I am just going to get it out of the way first. I'm not sure why, but I was expecting them to be a brighter red color instead of more of a burgundy/darker red. However, the fact that they aren't as bright just makes them easier to wear with regular clothes because they are very subtle, so I don't really think it's a bad thing either.

I do love the deep red. :)

They have a cute little logo(?) or marking on the outer corners of the rim. They look like little bedazzles to me :)

It looks like a snowflake!!!

The color of the sides is consistent with the front of the frames which is a major plus to me. I don't understand why more colored glasses don't do that?? Does anyone know?

There is also a black grip to hold the frames by and a little padding on the end to maximize comfort.

It kind of looks like a unicorn hoof... XD

Enough details... Time to put them on!! I debuted these glasses the other day in my Batman Black Milk Daily Style Post. I love the way the wayfarer shaped frames go with the red suspenders for a cute comic book/bookworm look.


&& I also found this photo of me wearing them with my Marauders Map outfit!

^^^ See how much better they are than black glasses??? They look AMAZING with the burgundy Rhapsody from Gothic Lolita Wigs.

These Sebastian frames also come in different colors! I think the blue pair is really cute, too. :D


So, what do you think? Have you changed your mind on the cuteness of prescription glasses?? :p
I hope soooo because GUESS WHAT?! I have a discount code for you!

Use code "GSAlexa" to save 20% off the entire site!!! 
AND their glasses are already discounted to begin with! No excuses! You can have cute glasses, too! ^.~

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Until next time, my cuties... xx

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