Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Kawaii Magical Girl Daily Style Post ♡☺♡☺♡

Today I filmed my upcoming Q&A video and had sooo much fun! This is my outfit for today/the video. I just love cute clothes so, so much :')

Daily Style Link List!~

Hat: Belladonna Kawaii Pink Arpakasso Hat
(discontinued? out of stock? idk)

Hair: Gothic Lolita Wigs Short Babydoll in Powder Lavender

Alpaca Clip: Little Kumi Crafts Alpacas Barette

Glasses: Glassesshop.com Katherine Purple Blue Stripe
(Use code "GSAlexa" for 20% off!)

Lashes: Dolluxe Whiplash Attack

Contacts: Honeycolor.com Flora Blossom in Blue

Top: ROMWE Purple Horse Print Sweatshirt

Purse: It's Cute Cute Lolita Pastel Hair Pony Handbag in Purple

Necklace: KawaiiBlaby Pastel Heart Balloon Neckace

Pastel Heart Bracelets: Kawaii Blaby Fairy Kei Pastel Heart Stretchy Bracelet

Ice Cream Ring: Sienna's Confectionery Popsicle Ring
See my review of this ring here:

Bear Ring: Gothic Bimbo's Bubblegum Emporium
out of stock

Alpaca Ring: Little Kumi Crafts Pastel Alpaca Ring

Little Twin Stars Rings: Gothic Bimbo's Bubblegum Emporium Little Twin Stars Rings

Castle Ring: Sienna's Confectionery Fairy Tale Castle Ring

Nails: Bling Up

Socks: KawaiiGoods.com Rocking Horse Sweetie Dreams High Knee Tights with Bow

Shoes: OH MY GOSH! Little Twin Stars sneakers


Q&A Video coming soon! xx

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