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Kimchi Kawaii Product Review: Keepin' It Cute with Kawaii Acrylic Charms & Zipper Pouches

Shewww! How long has it been since I've done a product review??! I mean... I suppose I could easily figure that out but let's just say.. it's been a while. & today, that's all going to change. *dramatic music*

Today I want to introduce you to the cutest little store, Kimchi Kawaii!  You may recognize them from a quick shout out in my Mermaid Makeup Tutorial video! :3 The owner of Kimchi Kawaii is the sweetest little thing and has been very patient, kind, and understanding during this whole review process. I've had these products for... i dunno.. three months?? I've gotten really slow at reviewing as my life has been getting busier and busier, but she has always been a peach & has amazing customer service skills. :') I love her! Thank you, love, for being so great.

Kimchi Kawaii ships from California, USA so the package of goodies took no time at all to arrive to me in North Carolina. Just two or three days! Now... let's get to the goods!

Before we start on that, I want to show you Kimchi Kawaii's cute business cards!

Y'all know I love a kawaii tiger!
She also included a business card for her sister brand,  Frosted Fleur de Lis, which specializes in sweet lolita-themed frosted accessories! 

Both brands are on the same website, so that makes shopping both brands nice and easy!

So let's kick this review off with the Kawaii Jellyfish Acrylic Necklace. Awwww!

Can we take a second to appreciate this packaging? A lot of little handmade shops just put their necklaces in plain little boxes, which is fine(!!) but bonus points to Kimchi Kawaii for the adorable brand packaging. 

This acrylic charm is fairly thick and sturdy. It doesn't feel like it is going to break. I absolutely love the cute light blue jellyfish print on the acrylic and it goes with every piece of mermaid clothing and jewelry that I own... which is a lot. I'm basically a walking mermaid.

The only thing that I don't like about it is that the color of it is so light blue, it's hard to photograph! It shows up nicely in person though. :) I guess that's not much of a complaint at all, is it? XD

He is sooo cuuuteee. I've named him Peanut Butter. Because he's a jellyfish. And I love PB&Js. XD

I'm gonna eat you!!! 

Ehhhh.. better not.

Hu hu hu hu ;u;

I LOVE HIM. You can see my little Peanut Butter Jellyfish in action in this video here:

There may even be a little discount code for you in that video. I'll give you a hint. It's MermaidAlexa for 15% off Kimchi Kawaii's shop! Weehooooo~ XD

Find this necklace here:

Next up is my this cute little "Ramen!" pouch! I just thought the design was really adorable and I absolutely LOVE containers and zipper pouches. Organizing is like my favorite thing ever because I'm a huge nerd. I just love it!

Ahhh the cuteeeeenesss! I can't handle its cuteness!! XD

That face, y'all!

The zipper pouch has a zipper - wow, no kidding, Alexa?!
Details. Details.
Just saying... I love when bags and pouches zip closed. They don't spill their precious contents. XD

BONUS POUCH! There is a zipper pocket inside the pouch so you can keep your extra precious contents separate from your precious contents.

I got this pouch with the intention of making a little "To Go" makeup bag to keep in my purse. I hate digging around in my bag for lipstick or eyeliner, so this keeps them nicely together and makes it very easy to find what I need.

This pouch has served me well. For the last few months, it has been in my purse, conveniently holding my touch-up makeup.

I am currently writing this blog entry from a cute little cafe in the mountains. Sorry for the poor lighting in the photo above. It's dark in here. :p

I wanted to show you that even all the way up here in the mountains, I have my little Kimchi Kawaii Ramen! Bag with me. What do I keep in my "To Go" makeup bag, you ask?
Makeup Must Haves
-Eyelash Glue
-Eyedrops and/or contact solution

I love it. :D

Find this zipper pouch here:

Next up, let's chat about the other zipper pouch I got! It's SEW CUTEEEE ;u;

omg. This design is my favorite of all!!

The layout/format of the bag is the same as the Ramen! bag that I chatted about earlier, with a zipper to secure the pouch and an inner zipper pocket as well.

Kimchi Kawaii's designs are often little puns, like the "Sew Cute" kawaii sewing machine, "I'm Pho Real" kawaii pho bowl, and "Fat Beet" kawaii beet with headphones. I really couldn't resist the Sew Cute bag for a portable sewing kit!!

It's perfecttttttttt!

These bags are fairly small, 7"W x 4"H,  so they don't hold a ton of things, but they are perfect to toss into your bag and go. Highly recommend. I MUST GET MORE ZIPPER POUCHES!

Busting it out here to make some bows for the outfit you will see with the next product... ;)

My assistant glaring at me.... O.o
She's just jealous that I'm taking pictures of my cute pouch instead of her. XD

All done!

Find this pouch here:

Finally, the last two items I got from Kimchi Kawaii were these adorable planet clips: Cute Saturn Blue Hair Clips!

The Cute Saturn Blue Hair Clips come as a pair, so the planets will never get lonely. :'D And again, I love the brand packaging!

The hair clips are blue and are covered in GLITTER! :D :D D They are very sparkly, just like the stars in outer space! The print on the acrylic looks amazing and the colors are nice and bright.

The acrylic planet pieces are held on with these little crosshair pieces. Be careful when opening and closing the clips, though! Use the actual clip to push them open and to snap them closed and not the acrylic piece. I popped them both off accidentally. But, no biggie! With a little dot of hot glue, they were as good as new & I was back to being a happy little kawaii astronaut. Once I realized my mistake, I always use the clip area to open/close the clip now and haven't had any more issues with the planets at all.

I am obsessed with aliens and outer space and I decided these cute Saturn space clips perfectly complimented my new kawaii alien dress, so I paired them together for yesterday's kawaii space princess look!


These clips can ALSO be seen in the Gothic Lolita Wigs Classic Wavy Teal stock photos on!!

Find these clips here:


& to celebrate the end of convention season, I am happy to offer you this limited time 15% off discount code all October long!

Get it while ya can!

Well, that about sums up my review of the most kawaiiiiiiiiiiest shop around, Kimchi Kawaii!!! If you like these products as much as I do, hop on over to
Kimchi Kawaii
to shop now!

And don't forget to use discount code:
for 15% off your purchase!!

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Until next time,
xoxoxo cutie buns!

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