Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Maleficent Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Hello, cutie buns! Week two of my Halloween makeup tutorial series... MALEFICENT!
As one of the year's top movies, I figured Maleficent would probably be a character that many people will be for Halloween this year. Personally, I love the new take on the story of Maleficent. What do you think of the new tale?

I got a new light (finally!) which means this is the first tutorial that I've been able to shoot away from my bathroom lighting! Hehe... I'm sure that is a relief! I am excited because it gives me the option to use different backgrounds for different videos. I shot my Maleficent tutorial against a black background and can imagine that it would not have the same effect at all against my white shower curtain. XD

I am still learning how to use the light along with my camera settings, so a few moments of the tutorial are a little brighter than I would like them to be... but hey! Learning curve. It will be better next time. ;D I added a bunch of cool special effects and editing to make up for it. ;)

Check out my newest tutorial, Maleficent Makeup Tutorial, NOW:

Stay tuned! My next tutorial is my all time favorite Disney villain! Any guesses?