Wednesday, January 22, 2014 Product Review: Lucas VII Fashion Studded Flat Sneakers

Hi guys! WOW! It's been a long time since I've done a product review! & trust me... there are lots more coming! I'm definitely ready to get back into doing product reviews. I love trying new products and clothing so I can bring you the latest and greatest! Please make sure you check back for lots of upcoming reviews on circle lenses, bags, and more! But today, we are reviewing my favorite thing ever... SHOES! is a has all kinds of great things, but mostly they have awesome clothes, shoes, Japanese nail sets, and circle lenses! Of course, the first thing I was drawn to was their shoe section. I have such a weakness for shoes!! Ugh! *melt* Due to 4hime being a new shop and with the changing of the season (switching out styles), their shoe section is fairly small but that doesn't mean you can't find a pair you love on there. I picked this pair to review before I even looked at the rest of their site! I knew I had to have them!

4hime is based in California which is sooo good!!! Finding stores that carry Japanese & Korean brands/styles in America can be really hard. The thing I like best about 4hime being USA based is that shipping is SOOOO FAST. I literally got this pair of shoes 2 or 3 days after I put in the order. Can't beat it!

They were shipped in the shoe box they come in, which I thought was really cute! I like the box :3 I am a sucker for colorful packages! I also like that you can verify it's the right thing without even opening the box because of the label on the side of the box. 

Their sizes are in US sizes. *thumbs up*
Something to note: I usually wear a US size 8 or 8.5. Most times, I order shoes a size too big so I can fill them with fluffy insoles and basically always walk on clouds. These shoes seem to run small. They fit me nicely as is without add'l comfort insoles and seem to be closer to a size 8 shoe. Glad I sized up!

Once I opened up the box, I found my invoice nicely tucked into the box and the shoes wrapped up nicely as well. You guys have no idea how much self control it takes to take a photo of the packaging as I open it instead of just tearing it to shreds to get to my shiny new shooooes. 

Finally, the moment has come~

omggggg ♡♡♡♡
They are everything I hoped they would be!

Let's take a look!

I LOVE them! Breakdown timeeee!~ 

They have zippers on the inside so you can easily slip your foot in without untying the shoe, as well as a decorative zipper on the outside. 

The alternating silver and gold studs are really a selling point for me. I personally love anything that you can wear with silver OR gold jewelry.

Gold eyelets.... Yesssszszszssssz ♡


I am so happy! I love these shoes! 
As far as quality, they are about what you would expect from a $30 pair of shoes. They are made for fashion, not for sport. The bottom is flat (as expected from the name of the shoe) like Chuck Taylors, and the sides of the shoes are on the thinner side (good for summer!). I haven't had them long enough to tell you about their durability, but I think as long as they aren't your every-single-day-never-take-them-off-ever shoes, then you should fine. They look great. The studs seem to be attached very securely and all the zippers work correctly. Did I mention they are only $30?!


I used these shoes from 4hime in my latest Daily Style post! I think these shoes were just what that outfit needed for a little extra touch of style and sass. :D See the outfit post & link list here

What do you think? Are you a shoe junkie like me??? Hehehe... I love shoes. I love sneakers. I love black. I love gold. I love studs and zippers. I am so happy! It's like these were made for me. ♡

Find these shoes here:

Until next time, be stylish, be cool, & have fun!

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