Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Vampire Weekend Daily Style Post

Hehehe... so... I bought this sweatshirt from because I thought it was just so cute! I love the city skyline and I love vampires and who doesn't like the weekend? So... I guess I live under a rock or something because I had no idea Vampire Weekend is actually a band until I got this shirt in the mail and happily jumped around my house wearing it on my excited little bod. My boyfriend was like.... "you like Vampire Weekend?" O.O WAaahhhh how is it possible that I did not know this was a band? I felt so foolish! XD

But! The good news is... it's a good band! I quickly looked up their music once I found out one of my new favorite sweatshirts is actually their album cover XD

Listen! I can't get this song out of my head~
Ughhh I hate lyric videos, but it seems to be their only "official" video for this song. Just turn it on and keep scrolling.

now that we've established that I'm a girl who lives in her own little dream bubble & does not know any current music, let's get on to this monochromatic Daily Style Link List!~

Daily Style Link List!~

Hair: Gothic Lolita Wigs Rhapsody in Silver

Bow: Spooky Spider Bow by Alexa

Cross: Fuzzy Bat Cross ver. 2 by

Lashes: Dolluxe All Dolled Up & Underlash B
See my tutorial of how to wear this lash combo here:

Contacts: HoneyColor Dolly+ Gray

Top: Grey Vampire Weekend Castle Print Sweatshirt

Ring: Ghost Ring by

Boots: unknown


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