Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Chibi Moon Daily Style Post *♡☺ In the Name of the Moon Part 1

Hi guys!! I am so sorry to have been neglecting my blog like this! ;o; BUT I think I have figured out a schedule in which I can continue my blog, videos, and (from time to time) product reviews. XD Yeee~ SO I am going to start back with my everyone's favorite blog topic... DAILY STYLE!

Living Dead Clothing is an Australian clothing company that you may recognize from my Poketime Daily Style Post or from my Link Makeup Tutorial. They are known for their killer creative designs (AND ZOMBIE DISNEY OMG... must get). Recently, they've launched a line of Sailor Scout skater dresses! SAILOR MOON. ALL THE SCOUTS. AND yall know I'm a sucker for skater dresses. I couldn't help myself and now I have a few of the scout dresses, so this will be a small Daily Style series. I've decided to call it "In the Name of the Moon" series. :3

I am starting with....

Daily Style Link List:

Hair: Gothic Lolita Wigs Baby Dollight in Deep Pink

Clips: Sailor Moon Feather Pearl Hair Pins

Lashes: Dolluxe #1 Lashing Out Loud

Contacts: Vassen Dolly Plus Red

Necklace: Glitterbomb Luna Necklace

Dress: Living Dead Mini Moon Skater

Socks: Pink Ruffle Socks (eBay)

Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor Classic in Pink

See you again soon!!! xoxoxo

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