Friday, September 19, 2014

Sailor Mercury Daily Style Post *♡☺ In the Name of the Moon Part 2

Wooooww! What a huge & amazing response to my Chibi Moon Daily Style post!!! You guys are so cool. I am glad you all loved it because I have more sailor scouts to style for your viewing pleasure! I am calling this the In the Name of the Moon daily style series. Weeehoo!

Today I'm rocking one of my favorite scouts of them all, Sailor Mercury!!! In my book, smart girls are cool girls. XD Check out Living Dead Clothing's full line of Sailor Scout skater dresses here: 

Now let's hop right to it!

Daily Style Link List

Hair: Cosplay Wigs USA Boy Cut Long in Cobalt Blue 
(previously called Princely Linden)

Lashes: Dolluxe #1 Lashing Out Loud

Contacts: Honeycolor Flora Blossom in Blue

Earrings: eBay
(not sure exactly what shop but they came in a pack of a million colors for super cheap)

Dress: Living Dead Sailor Mercury Skater

Necklace: StarlightDecoDream Sailor Mercury Planetary Symbol Acrylic Charm Necklace:

Socks: eBay

Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor Classic in White

See you soooon with more of the In the Name of the Moon series!!~

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