Wednesday, March 26, 2014

♡ ✞ Pastel Goth Daily Style Post ✞ ♡

Wheee!~ Hey spooky people! Pastel goth is one of my favorite styles!!! I love the gothic themes mixed in with pastel cute! What do you think?

Daily Style Link List:

Hat: Romwe Embroidered Black Knitted Beanie

Cat Badge: Gothic Bimbo's Bubblegum Emporium Hell Kitty Badge

Unicorn Cross Badge: Gothic Bimbo's Bubblegum Emporium Unicorn Cross Badge

Hair: Gothic Lolita Wigs Rhapsody Lavender to Pink Fade

Lashes: Dolluxe Lashing Out Loud x Underlash B

Contacts: Dolly Plus Grey

Top: eBay

Eyedrip Necklace: KitschBitchJewellery Winged Eyeball Necklace

Shorts: Sugarplum Shoes

Badges on Shorts: Gothic Bimbo's Bubblegum Emporium
Lady MeowMeow

"Alexa" Bracelet: Ciali in Kawaiiland Pastel Goth Heart Name Bracelet

Beaded Bracelet: KawaiiBlaby Fairy Kei Pastel Smarties Style Fake Candy Stretchy Bracelet

Spike Bracelet: eBay

Bone Ring: unknown

Bat Ring: Bat Ring

Bone Socks: SockDreams Kawaii Skeleton Over-the-knee Socks

Ruffle Socks: eBay

Shoes: TUK Hello Kitty® Ombre Mondo Sole Creepers

♡ ✞ ☠ ✞ ♡