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#WigWednesday Wig Care Tutorial: How to Store Wigs

Hi everyone! It's that time again... #WigWednesday!! This Wednesday we are going to discuss how to store your wigs! If you have missed the previous posts in this series, you can check them out there:

So let's get to it!

How to Store Wigs

People always ask me, 
"You have so many wigs. How do you store them all???" 
Well, whether you have a lot or a little, you store them the same way! The best way to store wigs is in the package they come in. Once you have them back in their bag, you can store them just about anywhere, as long as it's a dry place with a reasonable room temperature. 
Most people I know store them in drawers or baskets. I just have so many that I have a whole dresser dedicated to living the wig life. XD

So, wigs are wild and crazy. How do you get them back in the package they came in?

Wigs come with a hair net and a bag. Sometimes they come with tissue paper and a cardboard lining. For the sake of this guide, we are going to pretend your wig came with all of these things. If your wig didn't, just skip that step. ;D

Start by putting the ball of tissue paper into the wig cap. The idea is that it helps keep the base rounded out (like a head) so that it doesn't lay completely flat & look totally whack when you put it on again later. To be honest, I hardly ever use the tissue paper when packing my wigs and I have never had an issue with them not fitting my head when I pull them out of the bag later. So, if your wig didn't come with a ball of tissue paper, I really wouldn't sweat it. But in the spirit of a thorough tutorial, I am going to pack it with the tissue paper anyway. (OvO)

Then you want to wrap your wig back up in a wig net. This will help keep your wig contained and help it keep its style. If you just shove it back into it's bag without a net, you'll increase the risk of frizziness and total chaos when you pull it back out later. Sometimes you can get away with not using a net on short bobs or boy style wigs. I'm convinced that little wig fairies come in and steal wig nets, so if you are short a few nets, use them on your longer curlier wigs instead of short boy style. Got it?

There are lots of different ways to get them back in the net, but I usually just like to gather the longest parts of the wig and carefully tuck them up into the cap. Some people do it other ways, but I find it easier to put the net on if all the curls, longer pieces, etc., are contained inside the base of the wig. 

Once your wig is tucked into a cute little ball, just stretch the net over the wig. Simple as that!

Next, it's time to pack it up! I always label my bags so that I can keep my wigs organized. This is the Gothic Lolita Wigs NeoClassic in Turquoise.

This step is pretty self explanatory in the graphic above, but in case you can't see it for whatever reason, I'll explain.
Take your netted wig and put it inside the cardboard. Put the cardboard in the bag.
I guess that wasn't much of an explanation XD

So, that's it!!! Then I put the wig back into its corresponding drawer. In the case of the NeoClassic Turquoise, its home is the "Bright" drawer.

Now that I've teased you with a glimpse into the "Bright" drawer, I know you're curious about all of the other drawers.






Hahahah, okay. I know. I'm ridiculous and excessive.

Oh, and I definitely want to touch on this reallllllly quick.
I know a TON of you LOVE to display your wigs as storage. And why wouldn't you?? They are beautiful!

This is a fine way to store them, but there are two main things to beware of when doing this, especially if you don't wear them very often~
1. If your wig is sitting out on display, it is likely that it will collect dust while sitting out. Who wants dusty hair? Storing it in its bag will keep dust out of it.
2. IF YOUR WIG IS CURLY: If you keep your curly wig out on display, keep in mind that gravity is a thing. When there is a constant pull of gravity on the curls, they will start to lose their shape over time. Think about it. It makes sense. Straight wigs are a better choice for display wigs ;D

That's it!!!!

I hope you learned something from today's #WigWednesday Wig Care Tutorial! Check back next week for
How to Restyle Tight Curls into Voluminous Loose Curls


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