Wednesday, March 5, 2014

#WigWednesday Wig Care Tutorial: How to Brush and Restore Curly Wigs

Happy #WigWednesday!! Are you ready for Week 3 of #WigWednesday Wig Care Tutorials? In case you've missed the previous two weeks, you can read them here:
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& now, on to Week 3:

How to Brush and Restore Curly Wigs

Curly wigs can be a little more difficult to maintain than straight wigs. My preferred method for brushing curly wigs is finger-combing. Finger-combing just means using your fingers to brush through hair. It is a much more gentle way to handle hair and can extend the life of curls. You may still need to use a comb in areas that are badly tangled.

When finger-combing curls, the best way to do it is to section off the curls. You want to handle each curl individually, so again, patience is key! As you run your fingers through the curls, you want to go in the direction of the curl. This means spinning your hand as you work down the curl. After the curl is detangled, you may need to reshape the curl a little bit. 

There are a few ways to reshape curls. The quickest and easiest way is to wrap the curl around your finger and hold. I think you will be surprised how much this helps the curl bounce back. If that's not enough to restore your curls, apply heat. Again, like with straightening, you should check the max temp your wig can handle.

 A curling wand (no clamp) is ideal for curling wigs. If you don't have one, just be sure not to use the clamp of your styling tool. The clamp will make creases & could burn the hair, eww! Wrap the curl around the curling iron the same way you did your finger, hold for just a few seconds, then gently slide the curl off. 

If your wig has tight curls (ex. GLW Ringlet Redux), you should wrap the hair tighter. If it has loose curls (ex. GLW Duchess Elodie), then wrap the hair loosely. Simple as that!

There is no guarantee that you can restore curls exactly to their original state, but I hope these tips help!

Good luck!

Check back next Wednesday for:
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