Thursday, February 6, 2014

2014 New Years Resolution: Learn to Sew. :3

Hi everyone! So, we've made it through January. How are your resolutions coming?? Besides learning to use twitter, my resolution is to learn how to sew. I am having a blast learning. It's something I've always wanted to know. I hope you're ready for some story telling.

Growing up, I was (and still am) too tall and skinny for most regular clothes. In high school, the only store that catered to my long & thin torso was Hollister/Abercrombie (ughhh! come on!), so I would often have to buy shirts that were way too big (so that they were long enough). My twin sister had a sewing machine, but wouldn't let me use it and wouldn't teach me to sew. She used it as leverage >:) That little brat! I would do chores/favors for her and she would sew my shirts to fit me.

Fast forward many years....
~!~!~!~!~ WeeeEeEeooOoOooOo *time travel !`~!~!$!#%$#$^&

I began to get into making my own accessories, hair bows for cute outfits, and cosplay. My boyfriend's sweet mother said she had a sewing machine that I could have, but at the time, I was living in a small city apartment in Washington, DC. There was no room to craft and definitely no room for a sewing machine. *cry as sewing machine is so close, yet so far...*

Fast forward to Fall 2013...
I moved to Raleigh, NC where I now reside in a little home where I have a room for my crafts and sewing and photography! Yay!!! *happy dance* Life is so good! 

However, shortly after moving, I got called away to work out of town on a television show (I work on film/TV crews as my big girl job). Just as I had the space to learn to sew, I no longer had the time... :(
The show ended right around Christmas and just in time for a New Years resolution: 
2014 will be my year to become a badass sewing monster.

I am pretty much learning by reading the manual of my machine and watching YouTube videos. So far, so good. I am starting by just altering some existing pieces and making them better. If anyone has any sort of advice or any tips they want to offer me, I am very open to your suggestions! Please leave tips in the comments or on my Facebook page!

I started by altering a top from Romwe. When I ordered it, I had no idea how big it was going to be! I wanted it to be more form fitting.

I was pretty excited at the success of my first real alteration! It turned out perfect! I was able to use the sweater in my Christmas Daily Style post!

Yayyy! Since my first success, I was hooked. I had a few onesies (what kawaii kids sleep in when they can't afford kigurumis) that were long-sleeves & long pants. I prefer summer style, so I went after my onesies with some scissors. First, I took on my Batman pjs.

Yay!!! Now I can be Batman with free legs and free arms!! wheeee!!~ On to my next project: a cheetah  print footed onesie that was too short for me so I could never wear it. My legs are too long! It had just the cutest little print on the feet, so I hated to just chop them off. Instead, I made the onesie summer style and made booties from the feet! I lined the inside of the booties with the section of the leg I was no longer using and added a ribbon and bow to the top keep the booties up.

SOO cute! I love how the booties turned out!
Next project: Thrift store little boys' jacket transformed to cute vest for a big kid (me).
Secured the lining into the vest at the shoulder and hacked off the sleeves.

Yay! Such a good way to spend $2.50.
Next project: Boyfriend ordered a Carolina Panthers jacket from eBay for himself. It's a size XL and didn't fit him right so he was just going to donate it. I commandeered it and made it a project to fit me. This was without a doubt the toughest one yet. It is so thick and has many layers of fabric/lining/etc. Grabbed my new rotary cutter and just started chopping. One thing led to another, and now I have a new Panthers jacket.
:D :D :D
So, that's where I am with my resolution. Other than making these alterations to my clothes, I have also been making tons of bows to go with my outfits!!! Here are a few examples~
Solid Red Bow to go with my Snow White Kitty outfit:

Spooky Spider Bow two layer bow - black mesh spider fabric over solid white fabric:

My Carolina Panthers bow:

& my superhero bows:


I'm very happy with my progress so far!! I love to learn new things and this has been a fun and practical adventure so far. Follow me on Instagram (@alexapoletti) to keep up with my sewing progress along with all the other stuff I like to do! It is my goal to create a fancy garment from scratch by the end of the year. I am hoping it will be sooner (and at this rate, I think it will be) because I would like to start working on some new special cosplays!

Let me know how your resolutions are going & if you have any sewing tips or tricks for me in the comments below!!
Until next time~ xoxo

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