Wednesday, February 26, 2014

#WigWednesday: How to Brush and Restore Straight Wigs - Wig Care Tutorial

Hi everyone! Welcome to the second week of #WigWednesday Wig Care Tutorials! If you missed last week's quick tip, you can check it out here: How to Brush a Wig.

This week, we will be talking straight wigs! Ready? Here we go!

How to Brush and Restore Straight Wigs

My preferred method for taking care of straight wigs is with a wide-toothed comb. Because there are no curls to worry about ruining, it's much faster and easier to brush it with a comb as opposed to finger combing. The longer the wig, the easier it will tangle, so if you are trying to brush a very long straight wig, please be patient!! If you get frustrated and pull too hard on the hair, you can damage it, make the tangles worse, or pull the hair out.

Remember to start combing at the bottom! It is important to detangle the ends first or it's possible to make the tangles much worse than they were to begin with.

If after wearing or storing your wig it is not as straight as you like it to be, fear not! Wigs can be straightened! 
*All the wigs I use in my tutorials are by Gothic Lolita Wigs or RockStar Wigs, so this information is all based off of GLW/RSW quality and fibers. Cheaper quality wigs (eBay, etc.) may not react the same way.

For straightening wigs for the first time (or as many times as you want!), I recommend using the hot water method for a quick and easy way to get the wig uniformly straight. See my straightening tuturial here: 

But for touch ups after my straight wigs have been stored for a while, I use a hair straightener/flat iron on them. Make sure you read the product page from where ever you bought your wig to see the maximum temperature you should use on your wig. Most of the time, you can use the LOWEST setting on your straightener on synthetic hair. PLEASE do a test patch first on an underneath layer to test if your wig can handle the heat. If the hair burns or frays, do not continue with the straightener. 

Use a low temp! 140-180 degrees F.

Once you've done a heat test and found that your synthetic wig can handle a little bit of heat, you are ready to straighten! So pretty! *u*

Have fun! :)

Tune in for next week's #WigWednesday quick tip: How to Brush and Restore Curly Wigs!


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