Thursday, February 28, 2013

Welcome to my Review Blog!~

Welcome to my shiny new review blog! Yay!
Here I will be reviewing products from various online shops. You guys wanted it. Here it is!!  Basically, I want this blog to be an expansion of the "Sponsor Spotlights" that I host on my Facebook page. For an example, here is a Sponsor Spotlight I made for Bubblegum Emporium during my last giveaway. In fact, why don't you just check out my whole album of Sponsor Spotlights to get you warmed up for the blog? Baby steps, yall.

Teddy Necklaces in Lavender, Mint, and White from Bubblegum Emporium

The products I plan to review range anywhere from fluffy kawaii goodness and  circle lenses to spiky punk and alternative fashions, shoes, wigs, etc. I'd love to answer your questions you have about the products in the comments section.

To have your store reviewed, please email with the subject "*Name of your shop* Product Review"

In the meantime, find me on my main site here: Alexa Poletti
Thanks! xx