Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cyberdog Slouch Wrap Shorts Daily Style Post

Hey yall! When I went to London last year, Pixie took me to a super cool futuristic shop in Camden Town called Cyberdog. Many of you already know of my love of aliens and robots, so as you can imagine, I freaked out a little bit when we rolled up to this storefront:


You're not supposed to take pictures inside and since I'm a good kid, I didn't. BUT if you're curious, give it a google. The entire inside of the store glows and has multiple floors of... just... everything. Everything that glows. This place is generally geared towards ravers and that subculture, but it's also great for people who just like futuristic glowy stuff (me). Before we get to my outfit of the day, I should mention that not LITERALLY everything glows and that it's not all raver/futuristic stuff. BUT it is all unique and awesome.

I didn't buy anything at the time because I blew all of my money on stuffed animals at Hyper Japan (kawaii probs) but now the time has come for some Cyberdog love. If you follow me on Snapchat (@AlexaPoletti), you've seen a bit of this excitement & love. I have a couple of Cyberdog outfits for you guys to look forward to, but let's kick it off with this super bright pink and blue outfit! This outfit was coordinated around this amazing pair of wrap shorts. I've never seen anything like them. Seriously, how cool are they?!?!?

Daily Style Link List:

Hair: RockStar Wigs NEW Hologram 32" in Atomic Pink - SNEAK PEEK! COMING SOON!
Use code "ALEXA10" for 10% off!

Hair Clip: Tasty Peach Studios Narwhal Hair Clip

Lashes: Dolluxe #5 Wishful Winking

Contacts: Flora Blossom Blue

Necklace: didepux BEST DAY EVER Laser Cut Necklace

Shirt: Cyberdog Slouch Tee Eyes

Shorts: Cyberdog Wrap Shorts

Pink Bracelet: made for me by an amazing fan at Hyper Japan. Isn't it cute? It seemed only appropriate to wear it with this London-based outfit ;D

Yellow Spike Bracelet: eBay

Pink Rilakkuma Ring: Bubblegum Emporium (sold out)

Robot Socks: Sock it to Me Robot Socks (sold out? retired? nooo!)

Shoes: Southpole Multi-color Plaid Shoes. I got mine from eBay forever ago. This isn't the pair I bought, but it's the same design:

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

VIP Deadite Daily Style Post

Hey cutie buns! As you may have gathered by all of the daily style posts featuring Living Dead Clothing, I am a HUGE fan of theirs. Seriously. HUGE. If you are also a cuteness-obsessed Deadite, you may want to consider signing up for one of their VIP packages. It includes a lot of cool things, but basically it gets you 20% off all products (including first dibs on new releases!) aaaaand coolest of all, you get a free PERSONALIZED rainmaker! You can pick whatever name and number you want! Foooooor example.....

Link to all the info you need for becoming a VIP Deadite here:

& now for ze breakdown!

Daily Style Link List:

Hat: H&M

Hair: Cosplay Wigs USA™ Curly 90cm/36" - Emerald Green

Lashes: Dolluxe #3 Born to Flirt

Contacts: Flora Blossom in Green

Necklace: blacktulipshop Pastel Goth Dripping Cute Necklace

Rainmaker: Living Dead Clothing VIP Deadite

Bone Socks: SockDreams Kawaii Skeleton Over-the-knee Socks

Green Socks: eBay

Boots: Dresslink Women's Cool Black PUNK Military Army Knight Lace-up Short Boots Shoes