Friday, May 30, 2014

Juizywoozy Product Review: Kawaii Pop Culture Character Graphic Tees

Hellloooooo!~* I AM EXCITED! *frantic waving*
Why am I excited, you ask?
BECAUSE I HAVE FOUND THE BEST CLOTHES EVER AND I AM SO HAPPY. Seriously, these clothes are so well-suited for my style, I could not have created better characters and designs myself.

So, let's back up a little bit. Today I am thrilled to bring you a product review of a company that I have long admired, Juizywoozy. I was first introduced to them when Gothic Lolita Wigs hotties, Dolldelight and Pixie_late, were spotted rocking Juizywoozy gear. After checking their clothes out, it was love at first sight and I had to get my little paws on these tops. ♡♡♡♡♡

Surely you can tell how pumped I am just talking about this company, so just imagine what I must have been like when THIS SHOWED UP:

Look how cute their mailing sticker is!!!! IT HAS THEIR CHARACTERS ON IT! Omg... :') Obviously, the address privacy blocks my special touch, but LOOK at their characters!! Upon seeing  this unmistakable parcel, I quickly discarded all of my other mail and ran inside to tear into this package.

Now, I'm not sure why this impressed me so much, but the contents were packaged so neatly inside that I felt it warranted a picture. Two, actually. Hehehe... It's such a simple thing. I am a frequent online shopper and you'd be amazed how carelessly many retailers throw their products into shipping pouches. It was a pleasant surprise to find these shirts neatly folded and packaged individually in plastic bags.

Opening this package was such a huge surprise. I had a vague idea of its contents beforehand, but they included some extra surprises that thrilled me beyond belief. Loookkkkieeee!!! 

SO bright and colorful!!! SO KAWAII!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!

This Juizywoozy cardboard milk carton was also included in my package. Based on Pixie_late's YouTube review, I believe that they normally ship tees in these kawaii cartons. But I will use it to store kawaii accessories!!! :D 

YAYYY! It's so cute!
Now let's take a look at the clothes!

Look how vibrant and colorful!!!

The Juizywoozy tag is a cute little cow named Kao. I love him! I also love that they have a tag that matches their apparel in cuteness. :3

The first shirt that I opened was 
Juizywoozy's Circus Lion tee:

Juizywoozy's Circus Lion shirt is bright "banana yellow" shirt with the cutest little lion on it. She has pink cheeks, sassy eyeliner, and a cute two-toned bow!

I got a size 0.2 which seems to be equivalent to a size medium. Here is their sizing chart, although a lot of their styles come in a "one size" type deal:

The Circus Lion top is has awesome checkered sleeves:

and the Juizywoozy logo on the back side:

I picked out the mint shade of the lion mane and the pink from the lion's rosy cheeks to coord my Circus Lion outfit! ^.~ 

The checkers on the sleeves reminded me of a retro diner, so I decided to coord this top with a pinup vibe. What do you think of kawaii meets retro??

The next shirt I opened was 
Juizywoozy's Too Yummy To Eat 2-piece curve top!

When I pulled it out of the package, I had no idea it was a 2-in-1 set! It looked like a normal top, folded all nice and pretty:

See? And then... BAM!

Two shirts!!!

The printed top is a crop top so they include this matching striped tank to go underneath it. I LOVE that the tank top isn't sewn into the shirt because it gives you the option to wear the crop top on its own if you want to. It is a pet peeve of mine when a shirt looks layered, but all of the pieces are sewn together. WHAT IS THE POINT >:O

I am in love! ♡u♡

I love this shirt so much that I wore it on my birthday vacation to Universal Studios in Orlando, FL!

(It was too hot for a wig.. shew!)

Heeeeeehehehee :') That is a happy girl right there.

Next up, Magic Ice Cream tee!

What I like the best about the Magic Ice Cream tee, other than the obvious kawaii ice cream cone in a bow tie and top hat, is the two-tones sleeves. I really love that Juizywoozy takes advantages of the sleeves to make pieces stand out. As you probably already know from my usual style, I love to match and coordinate things based on the main colors in my outfit. The way they pulled the blue and the red from the ice cream man's hair, bow, and cheeks, and incorporated it into the sleeves is exactly how I style things!

Just look at that face :') Slurp!

That tongue hahahahaha

The background print on the shirt is a repetitive grey designs consisting of fruit, stars, and candy canes.

Sticking with the red and blue theme, I coordinated this shirt into one of my new favorite summer outfits:

What do you think? Casual and cute!

Next up is 
Kawaii Pop Culture Pink x White Ice Cream tee!

Something about this shirt just makes me want to go nuts with decora accessories. I want to be a yummy cupcake myself!

This ice cream cone looks so happy and sweet!!!

"Kawaii pop culture" is pretty much my life summed up in three words. Perfect.

The ice cream shirt is pink with white trim on on the front and the back is reversed! White with pink trim. What a cute little special touch! The creative details like this is what really makes Juizywoozy stand out to me. That and their insanely adorable characters DUH!

So sweet! :p I thought it would be fun to take Rockstar Wigs' usually fierce and dramatic Prima Donna Collection and turn it into fluffy, cute whipped cream on top of my kawaii ice cream sundae outfit :D Do you like it??? 

Next, we have Juizywoozy's Emoticon Box pullover!!!

This patten is a little dizzying but in all the best ways. I just want to spend all my time looking at all of the different faces!

WoooOOoOooOooo... @u@
I think I hypnotized myself hehehe

One of the best things about this pullover is the hood!! I love hoods! & this top has a great one :3 


Finally, the last top is Juizywoozy's Twintail Akane crop sweater.

Akane is one of my favorite characters that Juizywoozy has AND this top is pink and light blue which are my favorite colors!!! And I loveee crops! *heart eyes*

She is so CUTE.

Hehehehehe V(OuO)V

This sweater also has a great hood! :D 

And of course, I love the pink and blue lightning bolts! 

Did you know I have a lightning bolt tattooed behind my ear? XD

I love crop tops! Especially kawaii crop tops!

I have been wearing these outfits non-stop since I got them. They are just so perfect. I think I would wear Juizywoozy every day if I could.

The ONLY downside that I can think of to mention is that, at the moment, they do not have a website. They used to... but now it's gone. I believe you order these clothes by messaging them through their Facebook page and they will send you an invoice. It's a bit hard to know what's in stock, etc., but if you send them a message or write on their wall on Facebook, they are very good when it comes to customer service and they can get you hooked up right away. 

& that's it! Which Juizywoozy outfit is YOUR favorite?? Tell me in the comments or on my Facebook page!!

Thanks everyone for reading!! I hope you enjoyed reading this review as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you. 
Have a lovely weekend!!