Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Creepy-Cute Skeleton Daily Style Post! Bones! Bones!

It's almost Halloween! >:3

Daily Style:

Devil Horns: eBay
inactive shop

Hair: Gothic Lolita Wigs Straight Bob Black/White 2-Tone

Bone clip:

Heart Crossbones Clip: tokidoki

Lashes: Dolluxe All Dolled Up & Underlash B
See my review of this lash combo here:

Contacts: EyeCandy's GEO (XTRA) Morning Glory Grey
See my review of these lenses here:

Bat Necklace: Crunchy Sushi Day
(Use code "Harry15" for 15% off!)

Sweater: Sequined Skeleton Broken White Jumper

Shorts: Target

Socks: SockDreams Kawaii Skeleton Over-the-knee Socks

Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor Classics All Black


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Crunchy Sushi Day Polymer Clay Charms and Accessories | Phone Charm and Necklace Product Review

Hey guys!! Today I have an AMAZING review for you! I am seriously so so so excited about these awesome products from Crunchy Sushi Day. When Crunchy Sushi Day originally contacted me for a review, I took a look at their shop and was instantly impressed by the craftsmanship of their clay charms. I mean... just look at how perfect these princesses are:

Like... damn! SO PERFECT. A perfect mix of chibi meets Disney.

Most of these charms come on cute chunky necklaces, but chunky necklaces aren't really my style. Actually, most Disney princesses aren't really my style either, believe it or not (although Pocahontas, Mulan, and Jasmine are my jam). But I didn't want to turn down this chance because I could see the talent in the creation of these charms. So I popped the question: Do you take custom orders?

Crunchy Sushi Day was incredibly supportive of my idea for a Harry Potter phone charm. Not to mention that LATER THAT DAY, I had a picture of the handmade charm set in my inbox. You guysssssss! IT'S SO PERFECT I COULD CRY.

Later that week, this showed up in the mail:


I opened it up to find two perfect little gems. A Harry Potter phone charm set & a bat necklace, which I will get to later. But first...!

LOOK HOW CUTE!!! HARRY & HIS BROOM! *cries uncontrollably*


He looks so perfectly cute with my Marauder's Map phone case!

Hehehe... I am SO IN LOVE.

Harry & his broom are attached to a charm peg so I can put him in my headphone jack. Great for iPhones or any other phone that doesn't have a good spot for charms!


Just look at all the detail in his hair and everything!



Get your own Harry Potter + Broom phone charm here:

& for being a cute little reader of my blog...

Use code "Harry15" for 15% off your purchase from Crunchy Sushi Day's Etsy shop!

hehehee <3

Crunchy Sushi Day also included a cute bat necklace! Look, look!

He has cute little eyes, just like Harry!! ♡

I love him! He is like a cute little mustache heheh

You can find this bat necklace here:

That's it for today! Make sure you stop back by tomorrow, hint hint! ;)

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Until next time~

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Sale Annoucements! ~ Romwe! Gothic Lolita Wigs! RockStar Wigs! Free Dolluxe Lashes!

Hey guys!! Halloween is just around the corner! :D Who is excited?!?! I know I am! Not only am I excited to celebrate my favorite holiday, I am also excited because of the Halloween sales at Romwe and Gothic Lolita Wigs / RockStar Wigs / Dolluxe!!!

Romwe is having a sale starting October 25th and running through October 31st!! All the spooky clothing (great creepy-cute & pastel goth pieces!) is on sale!

Up to 70% off, over 1000+ styles
FREE Mystery Gift Orders over $40
Date: 10/25/2013 -10/31/2013

My TOP PICKS for this Halloween sale:

Crossed Plaid Hollow "Holy Shit" Vest

Cut-out Skull "ROMWE" Black T-Shirt

Romwe Skull Print Black Leggings

Asymmetric Dual-tone Cross Print Dress

Bone Shaped Suspender Faux Leather Skirt

Remember! This sale starts on Oct. 25th! Mark your calendars now! :D


Not only is Romwe having an awesome sale, so are Gothic Lolita Wigs, RockStar Wigs, and Dolluxe!!

15% off & free Dolluxe lashes when you use code: 

This sale includes:

Dynamite Collection ~ Lime Greenade

Babydoll Sets

& Farrah ~ Summer Edition


Farrah Temptress Summer Edition

Farrah Vamp Summer Edition

Long Split Black/Teal Babydoll

Atomic Love Affair Babydoll

Blended Pink/Blue Lolita

Short Blended Choco-Latte Babydoll

Don't forget to use code "Halloween" for 15% off & free Dolluxe lashes!! !

Happy Halloween & happy shopping!!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

EyeCandy's Cosplay and Halloween Contact Lenses | Cosplay Contact Product Review

Hi sweeties! Today we have another Halloween & Cosplay lens review for you!! Time is running short for you to buy lenses for your Halloween costumes, and today I've got a good one for you! Do you guys remember EyeCandy's from the circle lens review I did a few weeks ago? Well, we have them here again with us, and this time, we are celebrating Halloween.

So there is this lens. And I've been wanting it. Forever. Always so curious....

I've seen it around on other sites, but have never gotten it. I've always gone the practical route and just gotten circle lenses that I can wear with anything. But this one... This one has always caught my eye.

Are you ready to see it?

I've only worn lenses with a printed design on it once before (obviously not counting the designs of regular circles), and it was cheetah print and I looked 100% insane. When EyeCandy's offered a Halloween review, I took my chance to get these super kawaii anime lenses to test them out!!!

My head has been in a million places lately and I totally forgot I was doing this review, so you can imagine my pure excitement and joy when the mail carrier delivered these to me!! It was like Christmas!

Included in my package were the lenses, a wear & care guide (very helpful for newbies!), a suuuuper cute Mio Friends contact lens case, and EyeCandy's business card.

EyeCandy's business card is super cute and shimmery and the back even helps you remember when your lenses expire!! In the case of these cosplay lenses, they are 1 year disposable. 

When you open up the Wear & Care guide, it looks like this. It is very helpful, and the illustrations are really cute too! I will upload some closeups of it so you can read how to put in and take care of your contacts if you're new!

Helpful right?

What a cute frog case!! It is my first Mio Friends character case! It comes with contact holders too, which is nice for sanitary reasons. They also make Mio Friends character cases that come as keychains or phone straps! This one is just the regular case, but what a great idea! Check out all of EyeCandy's cute cases here!!

SO CUTE! OMG. He's looking at me! Squeeeee!~

Finally, let's check out these lenses!!

Their packaging is pretty wild! Haha!
You can see through the package to make sure you got the right pair.

Once you take them out of the box, they are sealed in these little individual packages to make sure they are fresh. I prefer this packaging style to the glass vials, just because they are so much easier to open.

Finally, here is everything out of it's shipping packaging and ready to be played with!

The lenses come with their own little plastic lens case, but of course, I opted to use the frog case. Who wouldn't?!

Let's check out of a closeup of their design. Remember to let all lenses soak in multi-purpose solution for AT LEAST six hours before wearing the first time.

It looks so good!
Let's put them on! (PS. I am wearing Born to Flirt by Dolluxe!)

Oh my god! The color and pattern... So amazing!

It is so cool!! From far away, these lenses just look like a light blue color. I have never had such light blue lenses, and I think they are so pretty! :D 

But up close, they make you look like an anime character!

Overall Rating
Design~ 3/5
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the design on these lenses. I think they are really adorable & cute with the slightly two-tone blue sections and the white drops. I really love the pattern so much! My only complaint with these lenses is that they spin around. I wish they were weighted at the bottom to keep them from turning because I think the design is best when the drops are at the bottom. I also wish they were a little bigger. Otherwise, I think they are perfect!

Color~ 5/5
These lenses are bright blue! They show up really well (even on dark eyes!) and the design is clear. I think having the different shades of blue & highlights give them a lot of depth and make them really pretty. :D 

Enlargement~ 3/5
These lenses are 14.0mm, which does enlarge, but not hugely. I prefer 14.5 and up, but my eyes are also a lot bigger than most peoples'. I'm sure they would look bigger and more cartoonish in smaller eyes!

Comfort~ 5/5
Can't even feel them!

 Naturalness~ 2/5
From far away, they just look like you were blessed with bright light blue eyes. When you get closer, you can see the awesome design which is a 0 on the natural scale ;D


So what do you think?? Do you like designs on your cosplay contacts? I know I said it a million times, but I really love this pair! :D

If you ORDER RIGHT NOW, you can still get them in time for Halloween!! Use code "Halloween Express Shipping Promotion" to get your lenses before Halloween! This sale ends on the 20th (tomorrow!) so hurry hurry hurry!

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Have an awesome weekend!! xo

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