Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pre-Halloween Pumpkin Daily Style Post

It's. Almost. Halloween.
I'm sure you know by now how super excited this makes me.

Yesterday, I went to a pre-Halloween party where my friends and I played games and carved pumpkins! I didn't want to mess up my kawaii nails (tutorial coming soon!) so my boyfriend and I decided to work together on a pumpkin. I drew & he carved. We are both fans of the Carolina Panthers (NFL team) so we carved a Panthers logo into our pumpkin for the pumpkin carving competition! By the time everyone finished carving, we kinda forgot that it was supposed to be a competition, so... it wasn't really judged. But I think we won. ;D

If you want to see my pumpkins from previous years, check out this old blog post!

BUT the real reason for this post is my outfit. This is a style blog, ya know? So let's get to the outfit breakdown, shall we?!

Daily Style Link List

Hair: RockStar Wigs Hologram 12" in Yellow Mix
Use code "Alexa20" for 20% off until October 31!

Hair Clips: KawaiiGoods Bat Wing Clips 

Lashes: Rock-A-Lash Lashing Out Loud 
Use code "Alexa20" for 20% off until October 31!

Contacts: LensVillage ICK Garnet Green
Use code "Alexa15" for 15% off!

Lips: NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Stone Fox

Necklace: Wholesale Halloween Costumes Goth Coffin Necklace
Use code "Alexa20" for 20% off!

Cardigan: Target

Dress: eBay
(Is this dress a knock off? If so, let me know the brand so I can check out more of their stuff. I love it. So cute!)

Belt: eBay

Nails: Kawaii Halloween Nail Art Tutorial coming soon!

Bat Purse: unknown

Spider Web Tights: eBay

Boots: Rockport


STAY SPOOKY! See yall again soon! x