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Dolluxe All Dolled Up and Underlash B False Lash Product Review

Hi everyone!~ You may have noticed that I have been pretty quiet over here. I have been traveling a lot between the launch of Dolluxe at Anime Matsuri in Texas, a shoot for Meschantes Corsetry in North Carolina, and attending events here in DC. Needless to say, I've been one busy girl! I think my blogging schedule is going to change from Fridays to whenever I have time. Heheh.. ^.~

Enough about me... Let's get to a review that all of you guys have been asking for. A review of new Dolluxe lashes!

Photo of my lashes from Instagram: @alexapoletti
While I am lucky enough to have the full line of Dolluxe lashes (and be featured on the amazing packaging!!!), I am going to review these lashes separately. I think they are all amazing, are all very different, and all deserve their time in the spotlight. :3 A lot of my fans are new to lashes, so this is going to be a review and tutorial on how to apply lashes mixed together.

I am going to start with my favorite pair for an everyday look for big anime eyes. My favorite combination to achieve this look is Dolluxe's All Dolled Up (#4) and Underlash B (#8). You can buy each set in a 3 pack for $25 or singles for $10 USD.  

My wonderful friend Tin Tin is the perfectly kawaii face on this packaging. Not only is she an adorable model, she is an AMAZING artist. Check out her page and give her a "Like" here: Tin Tin's Facebook and Instagram 

For my top lash, I am going to use All Dolled Up. Each pack of lashes come with a great adhesive if you don't already have lash glue.

My bottom lash is Underlash B which also comes with glue.

*NOTE: Before you apply glue, you should hold the lashes up to your eye first to measure them. Then you should trim the lash strip to fit the length of your eye. Since I have giant peepers, I forgot to photograph this step as I don't normally need to trim mine.  

My current favorite brand of lash glue is DUO which is what I will be using to apply my lashes today. I use the Dark-Tone which is glue that dries black. This is great if you have thick liner because it will just help darken your liner and blend. Just as a general warning: If you are not good at putting on lashes, you should get glue that is white and dries clear so you don't mess up your makeup by getting black glue everywhere. The glue sample that is included with the Dolluxe lashes is white/clear and is a great adhesive. 

To apply the glue, you'll just squeeze the glue until it comes out just a little. You can either apply the glue directly to the lash if you feel like you have control of the glue, or you can put the glue on the end of a makeup brush or pull the cotton off a Q-tip and use that to apply the glue along the strip of the lashes for more control. You want to put the glue on the false lashes, not along your own lash line.

It is very hard to take pictures while doing this... It's a 2-hand process haha. :p

If the strip of this pair looks a little frazzled, it's because I've already used them 3 other times! Since the lashes are so full and don't need mascara, you can use them over and over again!

Wait 15-30 seconds or until the glue is tacky before applying your lashes. If you apply too soon, the lashes won't stay where you put them.

There are tons of different ways to apply lashes. You can use your fingers or tweezers and you can start from the inside or out. Whatever is comfortable and easiest for you. Personally, I just use my fingers and start from the outside. I do the top lashes first.

I start from the outside to make sure that I am placing them in the right place. I usually line the end up right along the end of my lash line, but a lot of gyaru looks will have you place the lash out a little farther than your natural line to give the appearance of a larger eye. 

If you have trouble getting the inside to stick where you want it, you can push it into place with tweezers, the back of a makeup brush, or a damp Q-tip.

After the lashes are in place and feel pretty secure but aren't completely dry, I push the front side up and hold it in place so the lashes stick up and look fuller.

Now it's time to apply the lower lashes! 
Normally I would apply both top lashes first before moving to lower lashes, but I wanted to be able to do a side by side comparison of a completed eye and a lashless eye.

This time, I am going to trim the bottom lashes for a different look. These bottom lashes are beautiful with a full strip as seen here, but today I want to try shortening them! I wanted to trim these where there would just be three big lash sections for my lower lash. If you have smaller eyes and think the longer end is too much for your eye, you could trim it where there are three on the shorter side and it will have the same effect. :)

Trimmmmyy trim trim.
Glue time!

It gets easier the more you do it! Don't forget to wait for the glue to get tacky! 

To apply the lower lash, try to get up underneath your lower lashes so you're not gluing them down to your face. Again, I start on the outside because it is easy for me to find the right placement.

Once the outside is in the right spot, it's easy to move the inside to the right spot! When the strip is smaller like this, it is easier to work with and control. That said, I've found the Dolluxe lashes extremely flexible and easy to apply even with the full length band. The bands are ultra-thin and flexible so they go where you want them to go. I've tried (and failed) with many cheap lashes and trust me. These are worth the price.

Then I touch up my eyeliner on the bottom to help blend the lashes to my natural lash line. For my waterline, I use Urban Decay's pencil in Zero.

Now let's see how crazy I look with just one eye done.... hehehe...

 Wow!!! See what a difference they make? I love false lashes!

Then you just repeat the steps above for your other eye and voila! It really doesn't take nearly as long as it seems in my explanation. I am just trying to be very thorough for the lash newbies. :3   

It's okay to make funny faces while applying. :3


That's the end of my getting ready process! Then I just post my styling to my fan page and you get something like this:

That's it for Dolluxe's All Dolled Up and Underlash B review! Think you can rock these lashes? I'd love to see pictures of you guys wearing them! If you have any questions about selecting a lash or how to apply them, leave me a comment here or on my Facebook page!

Check out Dolluxe's entire lash line here:

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Until next time, love birds. <3 xx