Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Keep It Secret: Kawaii Club International Product Review

Hello lovelies! *u* Today's review is all about Kawaii Club USA! Kawaii Club is a subscription service by Keep It Secret. Until now, Kawaii Club has only been offered in the UK but now they are expanding their service to the USA. Hooray! What great news!! Americans love cute things too. :3

The way it works is you sign up for a monthly subscription of $24.99 and then each month, an adorable little package will show up on your door step filled with all kinds of kawaii goodness! You never know what you are going to get! What a fun surprise! Imagine having a bad day and then you come home and BAM! A package filled with the cutest little items and snacks waiting to cheer you up. Who wouldn't want that? So cute! *u*

I was sooo excited when my package arrived from Keep It Secret: Kawaii Club International. I could barely wait to rip it open and find out what cute things awaited inside.

Here it is! 

Eeee! Look at the cuteness! *flail* My package came with....

A Re-Ment x Hello Kitty phone charm!

The Japanese company Re-Ment is known for their highly detailed miniatures. This charm is a piece of their Hello Kitty Collection. I think I have casually mentioned about 500 times on my page that I am obsessed with phone charms, so this surprise was spot on for me. XD

Look how cute my little charm is! YAY!!!

Next surprise is...

A Rilakkuma bookmark!!~

This bookmark has a gold little clip that says Rilakkuma that you put on the page you'd like to save. The clip has charms that hang down that will help keep your page and keeps your book looking adorable.

A pair of Hello Kitty Chopsticks!

Useful AND kawaii!!

And... POCKY! YUM!

Om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nommmmmmmmmmmm

I practically inhaled that banana x chocolate flavor. So tasty. :3 

What do you think of this unique idea?? I love kawaii surprises & my guess is that if you're reading this blog, you do too. :3 Thank you, Kawaii Club!!! xx

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Thanks for reading!! And until next time, stay sweet (with help from Kawaii Club! hehehe)! xo

Monday, May 6, 2013

Hi-Di-Hi Liberty Winky Cross-Body Bag | Hi-Di-Hi Purse Product Review Part 1

Hi everyone!! Today I want to share this little treasure with you that I found in a little corner of the Internet. Hi-di-hi is an adorable little shop with some of the most unique bags I have ever seen!

After seeing and falling in love with their designs, I had to order my two favorites. This review is just focusing on the Liberty Winky bag, and you can look forward to a Finny Phone review later. *u* 

Hi-di-hi originated in the Netherlands, but has now expanded to the United States! Yay!

Now I know I say things have fast shipping all the time, but wow. I ordered these two bags on May 1st and they were delivered on May 3rd. I was so impressed!!! 
Delivery day comes! Hooray!

Cute Hi-di-hi sticker on the box! 

How cute is this packaging! I love the heart tissue paper and that they included their 2013 Catalogue! 

The bags come in wrapped in a plastic protective layer and also have stuffing on the inside to help them keep their shape.
Let's check it out! 

Ohhh my god. This bag!!! How cool! The eye ball on the front changes from an open eye to a closed eye depending on the angle that you look at it. It looks like it's winking as you walk down the street! 

This particular version of the Winky bag is the Liberty Winky. It is designed to resemble the Statue of Liberty, with the spikes acting as Lady Liberty's crown. It's a limited edition version, so get on it! It's the perfect amount of edge to this already awesome bag. It has an adjustable strap and sturdy hardware that holds it all together.

So awesome!!!! The spikes are solid and strong and the zippers are really high quality too.

The back side of the bag has a zipper pocket that is very convenient for things you need easy access to. It's the perfect size for cards. I keep my Metro (train) card there. So easy to get to!

Here is the inside of the bag. It unzips to the point in the picture above so it makes it easy to get things out. The bag itself is pretty small. I keep my license and credit cards in the pockets on the sides and leave my lipsticks floating around in the middle. There is just enough space for my iPhone 5 if I put it in at an angle and don't have a big case on it. I'm sure an iPhone 4/4S would fit much better. The dimensions of the bag are 5 x 5 x 2.25 inches, so you can check and see if it is big enough for your lifestyle. I think it's perfect for a small bag. 

The whole reason I am doing this review is because you guys flipped out (rightfully so!) about it on my daily style post! Here is how I wore the bag on my birthday last Saturday:

Here are some pictures out at the zoo with my shiny new Liberty Winky bag! I'm so obsessed with it! 

So what do you guys think? Are you as obsessed with this bag as I am?
The Liberty Winky bag is $52.95 from Hi-di-hi, BUT if you order now....

My friends at Hi-di-hi.com have been SO generous to give my readers a HUGE discount!
From now until May 15, use the code "MYFRIENDALEXA" to get $20 OFF any purchase of $50 or more.

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And stay tuned for Part 2 of this review!! Here is a little teaser, because I love to tease you guys.