Monday, June 24, 2013

Sienna's Confectionery | Handmade Accessories: Rings and Earrings Product Review

Hello!! :3 Today we are going to take a look into Sienna's Confectionery, a kawaii little e-shop that has all the accessories you can ever want! From hair accessories, to jewelry, to cell phone straps, Sienna's Confectionery carries handmade goodies that are too yummy to pass up! When Sienna contacted me to review her shop, I gave it once glance and knew I would love whatever she sent me. I couldn't have been more right!!! Hold on tight for a tasty treat of a review!

*stares at postal worker every day*

YAY! Review package arrives!!

Upon opening the package, I found the items from Sienna's Confectionery tucked safely in bubble wrap with heart stickers and a cute little handwritten note. Sienna- I love your dinosaur paper! :3 ♡

Let's check out the goods!

Ahhh how sweet is this fairy princess package?! The first item I opened was a huge, purple, glittery castle ring, which is one of the items in Sienna's shop that caught my attention in the first place. It's SO wonderful! Cute and sparkly and just my style! 

Then there is a bedazzled ice cream ring! In the photo above, it looks kind of splotchy, but I assure you that it is completely smooth and beautiful and the pink is solid all of the way through. And and and.... BEDAZZLE.

& finally, Pink Chocolate earrings. They look good enough to eat! Perfection!

Let's try them on!

Here you can see the size of this amazing ring on my porky fingers.

Both the Popsicle Ring and the Fairy Tale Castle Ring have adjustable rings to fit everyone's paws.

Can't handle the cuteness of these accessories. Wearing them is like drinking instant princess potion. 

I hope you enjoyed viewing these adorable items from Sienna's Confectionery.
Sienna was sweet enough to extend a special discount code to my fans & readers!

Don't forget to use code "alexa" during checkout to get 10% off your order!

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Stay sweet! xx

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Foxtale Designs | High Quality Handmade Leggings Product Review

Hi guys!! Today I am going to be reviewing an amazing little shop called FoxTale. Vanessa from FoxTale makes some of the most amazing leggings I have ever put on my little chicken legs. When she asked me to review her brand new Ice Cream Leggings, I was soooo jazzed. Two of my favorite things in one! Ice cream + leggings! Get ready for some amazingness!!!

The time has come! MAIL DAY!!! All the way from Canada! *jumps around*

I love the attention to detail, the heart stickers, and handwritten note from FoxTale! 

As soon as I opened the package, I knew I was in love.


Look at this detail!! It says FOXTALE on the rim of the cone. How creative and adorable! The ice cream is a mint green color, but sometimes photographs a bit more blueish. In real life, it is a true mint shade and the cone is a tan/biege color.

These leggings are $75.61 which may seem a bit steep, but guys, listen. The quality. These leggings are sooo nice. I usually tend to judge quality of leggings on a scale of 1 to Black Milk, and I would say that these easily rank up there with Black Milk's top of the line quality. I have probably 50 pairs of leggings (I know... It's a problem.) and these are some of the nicest I own. The material is thick and super stretchy but not too hot. I prefer thicker leggings because I have a real issue with my tattoos showing through some of my cheaper leggings.  Check out these bad boys! You can barely see this huge sucker on my thigh!

Ready to see these puppies in action? Drum roll please!


I am so obsessed! 

Here is a daily style post from my Facebook page wearing FoxTale's Ice Cream leggings:

Ahh!! FoxTale! I LOVE YOU! 

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Watch out for reviews of more amazing goodies coming soon! xo