Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Highlights

Hi sweethearts!!!
I wanted to take a few minutes to remember 2013 with you all. It has been a HUGE year for me personally and I am forever grateful that you guys care about what I'm doing, read my blog, like my Facebook posts, enjoy my crazy outfits, send me inspiring messages, and chat with me on a daily basis. I can not even begin to describe how much you guys fascinate me. I consider everyone on my Facebook page my friend and a part of my life. I know it seems silly, but it's true.

And before I start my trip down memory lane, I would like to say a huge thanks to my friends at Gothic Lolita Wigs. Without them, I would not be who I am now. ♡♡

In 2013...

I attended my first anime convention.

I went to Anime Matsuri in Houston, TX as a model for Gothic Lolita Wigs. I had SO much fun meeting new friends and the Houston Lolitas! They are the cutest people I've ever seen!!!
You can see photos and read about my trip here > CLICK ME! 
 I am pleased to announce that I will be attending this convention again in 2014. 
Later in 2013, I also attended Animazement (Raleigh, NC) and Otakon (Baltimore, MD). 


I walked in my first J-fashion show.

photo: Charles Lin Photography

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright x Alice and the Pirates Fashion Show.
I was sooo nervous but OMG. IT WAS SO EXCITING AND FUN!!! I had no idea! I am usually a quiet and shy person, but once I got out on that stage, it was like a whole new me! I am officially hooked!


I met Misako Aoki, Midori Fukasawa, Tomomi Nakamura (designer of AatP), and Masumi Kano (designer of BtSSB), and Waveya.

They were all so nice and adorable (and tiny)!! Midori is seriously the cutest person I've ever met. I can't even handle her cuteness, even looking back in my memory! omgggg *cute overload* hehehe *falls over*


The launch of Dolluxe

If you would have told me a year ago that my face would be on the packaging of the nicest lashes I've ever put on my peepers, I would have laughed in your face.

It still blows my mind!!! How cool!


I made my first cosplay.

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. ;D

For Halloween, I made a quick (but awesome) Edward Scissorhands costume. I do plan to make the hands higher quality and then I will consider it a completed cosplay as well. xD

:') Happinesssssss
I am already sketching my 2014 cosplays. ;D I think I am hooked on cosplaying now too!!!


I moved back to my home state!

Goodbye DC, helloooooo North Carolina!!!!~ YAYYY! All the happiness!!


I started making Daily Style Posts to share my style with my fans! The messages I receive from young girls and boys who tell me that I have inspired to be themselves and dress however they want makes this easily my favorite part of running my page and blog. :')
Also in 2013, Romwe became an official sponsor. All these different outfits in my Daily Style posts wouldn't be possible without the clothes from their awesome shop!!


My Facebook fan page grew to 40,000+ fans!

Guysssss.... ;u; I can't.... you guys rock.


& that's 2013 in review. What an amazing year. I can't wait to see what 2014 holds!! We are going to be kicking it off in an awesome way, so make sure to visit my Facebook page on January 1st! HINT HINT!!!! 

I love you all very much!! xoxoxoxo forever!

Instagram: @alexapoletti
Twitter: @alexapoletti

Monday, December 23, 2013

Daily Style Post + Happy Holidays from Alexa!

Hi style junkies!!! I AM FINALLY HOME from my two month adventure and I am so so so so sooooo happy to be back! I've hugely missed chatting with all of you adorable people and being able to share my outfits and weirdo style with you all. 

Tomorrow is Christmas eve!! Since I have been off in wonderland for the last two months, I've not yet started my Christmas shopping!! YIKES! Off I go to the stores~ Enjoy my creepily festive holiday outfit!! 

Outfit Rundown:

Santa Hat: Target

Hair: Rockstar Wigs Godiva Collection in Black

Lashes: Dolluxe All Dolled Up
See my tutorial on how to wear these here:

Contacts: Pinky Paradise Super Size Nudy in Green
See my review of these contacts here: 

Top: ROMWE Modern Skeleton Print Long Sleeved Sweatshirt
(I altered it to fit me snugly. It comes as a loose hanging sweatshirt. & FYI: The hat and scarf are fuzzy AND the dangling part of the scarf is free-hanging and you can play with it!!  XD)

Leggings: ROMWE Vertical Stripe Black/White Leggings

Boots:  T.U.K. Red Leather Combat Boots

Happy Holidays, cuties!!~ Talk to you soon! xoxo

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Romwe Christmas Sale!

Hello!! Just one more week until my return! I really can't wait to get back :3 I have a great Christmas top from Romwe that came in the mail for me since I've been gone. I can't wait to put it into an outfit! I will share it next week! Take a look for a little sneak peek here~
I will wear this on Christmas! Heheheh >;D 

Up to 80% off! Whole week!
Biggest discount! Most styles ever!
Date: 12/17/2013 -12/23/2013

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Announcing New Sponsor: Welcome Sheinside!

Hi cuties!! I have some very exciting news today!! Please help me in welcoming Sheinside as a sponsor of my Daily Style posts! Clothing sponsors make my style posts possible! Sheinside some seriously cute stuff on their site, so check it out!

Shop here: Sheinside
Find them on Facebook here: She Insider

You may have noticed that my blog and Facebook have been pretty quiet for the last month. I've had to do some unexpected traveling but will be back and in full swing of things on January 1st. I have so many new cute things to show you, new product reviews, new tutorials and new outfits to share! I'm counting the days until I'm back. I honestly miss you all a lot! I can't wait for 2014! See you soon!! xo

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales from Gothic Lolita Wigs, Dolluxe, and Romwe

Hi cuties!! Stopping by to let you know of some awesome Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales from my favorite shops!!!

Gothic Lolita Wigs is having a Black Friday sale that lasts through the weekend:

They haven't posted a Cyber Monday sale yet, but if they do, you'll be the first to know!


Romwe is also having a Cyber Monday sale!

4000+ styles, from $1.99, only 24 hours!
Don’t miss, girls:

Happy Shopping! xoxo

Sunday, November 24, 2013

SATANICAT Daily Style Post!~

Today's Daily Style is heading to the dark side!~ MEOW!

Devil Horns: eBay
inactive shop

Hair: Gothic Lolita Wigs Neo Classic in Turquoise

Lashes: Dolluxe All Dolled Up x Underlash B
See my review of this lash combo here:

Contacts: CosLense i.Fairy Ash Green

Sweater: ROMWE Satan Cat Print Long Sleeve Black Sweatshirt

Leggings: Discontinued ROMWE leggings
Check out ROMWE's huge collection of other leggings here~

Boots: Charlotte Russe


Friday, November 15, 2013

Gothic Lolita Wigs Sale Announcement and Contest Info!

*poke* Hey you. Yeah, you. Have you signed up for Gothic Lolita Wigs' newsletter? (Go to and the signup box is on the left panel). If you do that, you can get these sale announcements before everyone on Facebook and you don't have to come allllllll the way over to my blog to find out that.......

BOUNCY CURLS BOBS ARE ON SALE! WHEEEEE!!! *bounce bounce bounce* (these wigs are seriously the most fun things to wear while you bounce. or walk. or anything.)

Shop Bouncy Curls Bobs HERE!

AND in other news.... in case you haven't heard....

have a chance to come hang out with me & the other muses at Anime Matsuri! Check out the details of this amazing contest HERE. You should enter. I want to meet you.

See you soon?


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

LAME Kawaii Daily Style Post *u*

Today's Daily Style is a pastel kawaii look!


Hat: Fuzzy Deco Bear Hat

Hair: Gothic Lolita Wigs Long Blended Babydoll in Pink/Blue
Straightened using this method:

Lashes: Dolluxe Lashing Out Loud x Underlash B

Contacts: EyeCandy's GEO XTRA Morning Glory Grey
See my review of these contacts here:

Top: ROMWE Lame Printed Pink Pullover

Bracelets: Gothic Bimbo's Bubblegum Emporium

Watch: local thrift shop

Castle Ring: Sienna's Confectionery Fairy Tale Castle Ring
See my review of this ring here:

Heart Ring: Gothic Bimbo's Bubblegum Emporium Queen of Kawaii Ring

Star Ring: Gothic Bimbo's Bubblegum Emporium

Shorts: Forever 21

Socks: Unknown

Shoes: inactive eBay shop

Have a cute day! :D

Monday, November 4, 2013

Alexa's Halloween 2013: A Personal Blog Post

Hi cuties! If you have been following my blog or any of my social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), then you know that Halloween is my holiday. It's my favorite holiday of the year! It's the perfect chance for me to bring fashion, makeup, and creativity to make a costume to wear out on the town for a night of mischief. The best thing about Halloween is that you get to be whoever you want! This blog post is a personal entry about my Halloween 2013.

About a week ago, my best friends and I went to a cute little pumpkin patch near my house. Carving pumpkins is a HUGE part of a Halloween for me. Growing up, I was a very artistic kid. I loved the chance to get creative while carving pumpkins and make my pumpkin show off my personality. As an adult, the last two Halloweens were sad because I lived in Washington DC in a small city apartment with nowhere to put a pumpkin, so I didn't get to carve one! Now I am back in North Carolina, so pumpkins were something I was really looking forward to this year.

The last pumpkin I carved before this year was an old tokidoki tiger design. I blended a few of their discontinued tigers to make a really adorable pumpkin!

This year, I wanted to make another cat themed pumpkin. Of course. I'm such a weird cat lady!! Ugh!
With my best friends by my side, we picked out our 2013 pumpkins at a local pumpkin patch and brought them home to carve.

Meet my best friend, Rachelle. She is the cutest little thing I've ever seen. I drew a Jack Skellington design on her pumpkin so she could carve her favorite Halloween character!

This is my boyfriend, Brendan! He's pretty tough & cool. He carved his pumpkin to look like an emoji!

My pumpkin was a Meowth-inspired cat design. :D

After playing The Nightmare Before Christmas Pandora station (I recommend!) and endless giggling and carving pumpkins in the perfect fall weather, our pumpkins came out awesome! :')

HOW COOL ARE THEY!!! :') omg... I love Halloween. :D

Instagram: @alexapoletti

SO.. a few days go by and I still haven't figured out what to be for Halloween. As a huge fan of Halloween, I can't have a crappy costume. It just doesn't work for me. As "last minute" approached, I turned to my DVD collection and closet to see what I could put together. I found a dress in my closet that made me think of Edward Scissorhands, but it needed some alterations and some more chains, belts, and buckles. I'll take it!

After a trip to Goodwill and Forever 21, I came out with a bunch of new studded belts/chains. I dug through my absurd amount of leggings and found the perfect pair. Rachelle and I put on The Nightmare Before Christmas and got our craft on. She decided to be the Black Swan so she needed to bedazzle and feather her top, while I put together some scissorhands for my costume. Finally, I had the pieces all together:

Before I even tried on all of the pieces together, I knew this costume was going to be badass. But the dress still needed to be altered and I was running out of time!

Last minute hemming while watching Hocus Pocus:

Finally, I tried on the whole costume together. Holy. Crap. IT LOOKS FREAKING AWESOME.

YAYYYYYY OMG. Then I got way too excited. Way. Way. Too. Excited.

The next day FINALLY came, and Rachelle came over so we could get ready together.

Makeup time!

Split screen so we could both reference our characters. ;)

I look so sad hahahaha awwww

After my makeup was done, it was time to tease my hair to all hell.
Poor hair :( Rachelle is applying her lashes to complete her Black Swan look. She used Dolluxe's Whiplash Attack & it looked PERFECT.

All done!! Halloween selfiessss hehe

GRRRRR heheheh

One thing that is really awesome about my life is that being a model AND photographer means I have a photography studio in my house. Which means we get awesome Halloween studio photos. Or any photos ever.

Check out our final costumes!!

The reaction to this photo on my Facebook made me the happiest kid in the whole world. Thank you, thank you, thank you. <3

Rachelle as The Black Swan

Too much freaking fun. What do you think of our Halloween 2013 costumes?

After we finished getting ready and did our quick 5-minute photoshoot, we hit the town. But not before picking up some fast food. :p Drive-thru's + Edward Scissorhands = ridiculously hilarious. The staff was not nearly as amused as Rachelle and I were.... oops.

Eating fries with "scars" on your lips is really hard. Eating fries with scissorhands is even harder. >.<

Time to hit the bars! Our costumes were a HUGE hit. It was fun being such recognizable characters because EVERYONE loved them.

So. Much. Fun.

Hahahahahahha I couldn't resist posting this pathetic looking picture. It's just SO SAD hehehehe 

All in all, this was a super amusing night watching all these ridiculous costumes dancing around in the bars and one I will not soon forget.

Goodnight ya creeps!! Until next year....