Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hummingmint Daily Style Post & Guest Blogging for Hello Kitty!

Hi everyone!! Super duper exciting news this week! SANRIO (yes, you read that right... Sanrio, as in HELLO KITTY!??!!!) asked ME to be a guest blogger! Someone pinch me because I feel like I'm dreaming! Of course, I've taken this invitation to mean that Hello Kitty wants to be my BFF. Can't you see us just prancing around town buying hair bows and bath bombs together? Hahaha.. okay, my dreams of Hello Kitty BFFing aside, let's talk about the blog post!

Last year, Sanrio debuted a new character called Hummingmint which is a really adorable little deer character. She is super sweet and loves her friends! And, ya know, is the cutest little thing ever. So, in the same way that I have taken other characters (Charmander, Totoro, etc.) and made outfits inspired by them, I decided to create a head-to-toe look based on Hummingmint and her mint green & pink color palette. To read more about how I put the whole look together, please go read my special guest blog post over on HelloKitty.com (!!!!!)

If you're looking for outfit links, ya found the right post! Here ya goooo~

Daily Style Link List

Hair: RockStar Wigs Downtown Girl in Light Brown & White
RockStar Wigs Pixie Collection Pixie Bun 1 in Milk Tea

Hair Bows: KawaiiGoods.com

Lashes: RockALash Lashing Out Loud

Contacts: Vassen Dolly+ Brown

Shirt: unknown

Belt: eBay

Belt accessories: Flowers from the craft store + Hummingmint Clips Set of 3 Patchwork
Check my blog post at HelloKitty.com to see how I attached them all to the belt!

Purse: Hummingmint Sculpted Tote Bag

Skirt: Forever 21

Tights: eBay 

Socks: Mint Ruffle Socks eBay

Shoes: Dolls Kill YRU Elevation Platform Sneaks

Thanks so much for reading and please do check out my words over on Hello Kitty's blog too! I am so extremely excited to have been asked to write for Sanrio and it would help me out if ya give it a read and maybe even share it if you're feeling a lil extra cute! Again, here is that link to find my Hummingmint Style Post at HelloKitty.com:

Makeup tutorial for this look coming sooooooon to my YouTube chanz!~

See ya next time!! ILY all! xo